Drawing the line at pale and male

If G Hodgson (The Weekend Sun, April 20) wishes to criticise the local council for being unoriginal, stagnant and out of touch, or ‘stale’, to use their word, I have no problem. These are clearly undesirable characteristics. However, things become problematic for me once the words ‘pale’ and ‘male’ are thrown into the mix; as though being a man and having European ancestry are similarly negative traits. Although identity politics may be en vogue these days, voting for or against people based on gender and ethnicity meets the dictionary definitions of both sexism and racism. I shall be voting based on the merits of the individual candidates, not their skin colour or gender.

C Lawson, Ohauiti.

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C Lawson....

Posted on 28-04-2018 09:17 | By groutby

...happens frequently doesn’t it?...femimist Julie Anne Genter’s recent comments..white...old....male....literally ALL of such comments supposedly to be ’frowned upon’ these days, even illegal terminology. The result?..absolutely nothing...yet replace such comment made by a male aimed at the female sector and BAM..!..one would be in deep s***. Kinda crazy as I see it, so many want to be ’special’ (or be seen to be)....Recent comments made Israel Folau..what an uproar!....I would not make such comment but hell I support the guy’s right to say it!..those who disagree say so and get over it...you don’t have to agree with him, no problem with that, but DO NOT take away his or our right to say it. To many precious people out there who need protecting from themselves...

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