Flight delays following drone reports

The search is continuing for a man who went missing at Omanawa Falls yesterday. Photos: Cameron Avery.

The police dive squad has arrived in Tauranga following air traffic delays.

Flights were grounded at Tauranga Airport after reports of a drone flying around over Tauranga Harbour.

A police spokeswoman says a drone was seen flying near the Trinity Wharf Hotel and nearby apartments in Tauranga.

Police were notified just before 10am.

The police spokesperson says the control tower at Tauranga has to stop flight because of the drone.

The drone has not been found.

The police dive squad is in Tauranga today to assist in looking for a swimmer who went missing at Omanawa Falls on Sunday.

Police were called to the falls around 3pm and assisted two swimmers to shore.

A third person is yet to be found.


Bad drone Pilots

Posted on 24-04-2018 10:53 | By Alan1

i am a drone pilot and i hate these guys thinking they can fly anywhere, My Drone is restricted to the caa rules.so no flying in a restricted air zone Ie airports 4 km ( exclusion zone) etc, no flying over 120m etc etc and so on so on.i think you are being a bit rough stereo all drone pilots, but i see your frustration as i am.i agree drones should be locked down to comply with the caa rules, as idiots like this are give respectable drone pilots a bad name.


Posted on 23-04-2018 16:21 | By The Sage

Why are drones even available for sale to the general public? Last week there was an incident at Auckland airport involving a drone. There will always be morons who create havoc with these sorts of things. Probably the same ones who shine laser lights at planes.

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