Buying a pig in a poke

Whoever put together the blurb ‘What kind of museum is proposed?’ in the Museum Referendum Supporting Information is obviously an accomplished copy writer used to one-sided arguments, labouring under the mistaken premise that a museum would contribute to the cultural heart of the city. The council has identified the opportunity to invest in a museum! As a ratepayer I can think of many infrastructure investments more suited to a growing city.

It says ‘Tauranga’s museum would:’ and includes a list of five bullet points – each nebulous and unquantifiable, and all wishful thinking.

Sharing stories of history and modern day life. Have you noticed the crowds at the Historic Village and/or The Elms? No, neither have I.

Exhibitions have been staged and will continue to be staged at various existing venues in Tauranga.

‘Foster innovation’. It is truly incredible that Kiwi gold was developed without the aid of a Tauranga museum.

Nowhere is the cost of the referendum mentioned. The bias in this non-binding referendum is so overt that one is left with the conclusion that the referendum is yet another example of our council wasting our money.

P Dolden, Papamoa.

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P Dolden

Posted on 20-04-2018 13:18 | By MISS ADVENTURE

That indeed sums it up, the entire thing is a loaded dice, likely outcome wll be 65-85% against it anyway and in all respects TCC will seek then to discount it and self justify doing it anyway. There is on debt and losses from a Museum, little benefits arise except for those on the payroll of ratepayers.

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