SunLive's top news- April 17

SunLive’s top news stories:

Thousands left without power in Tauranga

New tolling interchanges for TEL

Cameras to watch high-risk crash areas

Raw chicken warning

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Posted on 17-04-2018 19:34 | By old trucker

KNOW that SUNLIVE IS THE BEST FOR NEWS, and WON the SAME and BLEW the rest out of the PARK.and being in BOP is AWESOME Thankyou, Sunlive i enjoy logging on each day to see your up to date news as it comes to hand, and the Reporters that get the NEWS for us, you are all AWESOME there at No1 that suits you to a T being No1, is AWESOME, Thanks from The OLD TRUCKER and as always, Thankyou, 10-4 out. phew.

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