False information yet again

Re F Wright’s letter (The Weekend Sun, April 6). Yet another so-called ‘expert’ on fluoride. I have to wonder where F Wright has been for years – certainly not keeping up with fluoride research. He clearly knows nothing about the dangers of fluoride and how he came to hold such a position with such a lack of knowledge on the subject is questionable.

In September 2017 a US government-funded study was published in the US government’s Environmental Health Perspectives. This landmark study found that children exposed to fluoride in utero had significantly lowered IQ.

The Lancet published research from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai on the dangers of fluoride in water and the links to ADHD and mental disorders.

There are now 59 human studies that have looked at fluoride exposure and effects on the brain function. Fifty-two of these show fluoride’s damaging effects. Quite simply, fluoride is a poison and a neurotoxicant.

In the words of Dr Dean Burk, co-founder of the US National Institute and head of its cytochemistry department for more than 30 years, water fluoridation is “public murder”.

W Roberts, Welcome Bay.


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