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Re ‘Science not politics’ (The Weekend Sun, April 6). The Hon Clayton Mitchell is a very well-educated, respected and clever man and I take issue with the writer trying to infer that he isn’t.

I was idly Googling sulfural fluoride the other day as certain people are wanting the product used in the Port here instead of methyl bromide to fumigate logs etc. as they believed it would be ‘safer’ than the current one used.

I suggest readers do this and read it all for themselves. What an eye opener! I then looked up hydro fluorosylic acid on Mr Google, which is the fluoride authorities are wanting to put back into all the water supplies under pressure from people such as Mr Wright (wrong).

For all those people who are still being brainwashed into believing that hydro fluorocyclic acid must be good for you I suggest you also look up Mr Google and form your own opinions on that.

I wonder if Mr Wright takes fluoride tablets every day. Just a thought.

L Askin, Bethlehem.


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