Money trees rare

Escalating expenditure and thus property taxes are just the tip of the iceberg so let’s address what we are seeing now.

Councillors act like Santa Claus and send out questions such as ‘What would you like your city to have?’ Translation – we’ve gotta lot o’ your money right now and can’t wait to spend it, giving you swimming pools, cinemas, parks, whatever you want!

Councillors are making big spending plans, totally out of the realm of most folk’s reality.

The rest of us don’t have money trees in our yards and when asked ‘What would you like in your city?’ we should be told ‘here’s what a new pool, cinema, park, whatever will add to your rates’. Would it be wiser for our city to be financially conservative and begin improving infrastructure –basics such as rubbish collection, sewage, traffic issues? If the sewers back up the pool, cinema or parks will be way down the list of ‘what we want’ for Tauranga.

‘What we would like’ and what we need are, as always, two different things. Best to go for the necessities first. Let’s put pressure on TCC to be accountable to keep the area’s priorities in order.

B Fleming, Tauranga (Abridged).


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