Growth hasn’t even started

Tauranga is missing key facilities and infrastructure – no surprise given the lack of vision, and thus long-term planning, attributable to past elected representatives and administrators. Sadly, the same criticism can also be levelled at the Western Bay of Plenty Council.

Do we finally have a glimmer of what a special place it can be? Dare one expect that those in positions of responsibility will act beyond the narrow parochial attitudes that have negatively dominated thinking in the past?

Facilities and infrastructure development is needed across the region and if those responsible can see beyond their territorial authority boundaries then all will benefit.

Imagine if a major recreational facility was established with easy road, rail and air access to Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane how much benefit would arise for residents and visitors.

Time to get rid of the ‘pothole mentality’ which has plagued the western BOP for far too long. Decades ago, people with positions of responsibility exercised vision and acted positively e.g. establishment of the Port of Tauranga and the TEL (it took three-plus decades for it to materialise). So how about some folk get over themselves and do their jobs properly. Think this region has grown? It hasn’t even started.

L K O’Hara, Te Puke (Abridged).


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