Traffic cuckooland

Welcome Bay traffic and associated issues need urgent attention. It is generally accepted that the Welcome Bay underpass and works that have already taken well over four years and counting would have been done by most other developed countries in a timeframe of six months, if that.

In addition, unbelievably it seems to be one lane each way and once it is finally completed will achieve absolutely nothing. In fact, a $50 million white elephant! That is until such time as the Hairini Bridge is four-laned in tandem with widening Turret Road and 15th Avenue, conservatively set to cost TCC ratepayers another $50 million, all because of the Route K flick-off to NZTA. Go figure that financial mess out!

On top of this, we had the usual inane promises in the 2016 election by Welcome Bay elected members that this four-laning was the number one priority with Crs. Clout and Morris joining in the chorus. Over 18 months later still no progress.

Now we have yet another crazy hare-brained TCC scheme floated to have designated bus lanes on parts of Welcome Bay Road, which is mayhem at the best of times. Welcome to a master class in stupidity and ignorance of the real world.

S Paterson, Ohauiti.

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Now then!

Posted on 13-04-2018 22:06 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Aint that the truth of it! the consequences of dumbfounding madness and ivory towers

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