Good for business

Are we about to have another war? Previous wars have been started by lies. North Vietnam fired upon an American warship in the Gulf of Tonkin – no proof, we all bought it – hence the Vietnam War that killed and destroyed the lives of millions of people but was good for business.

Sadam Hussein has nuclear weapons of mass destruction. We can’t find them, we have no proof, but believe us – hence the Iraqi war. Again millions of people are killed and/or lives destroyed. Relics of past civilisations destroyed but it’s good for business.

A former Russian/British double agent is reported to have been attacked on British soil by Russia with a chemical weapon in the form of a nerve gas. Again, no proof and refusal to supply evidence. What happened to law and justice? Dozens of countries have taken retaliatory action against Russia (by free choice or coercion?), bringing us closer to war. This is a diversion because Brexit is going badly, the American Petro dollar is under attack by China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil and Russia, the Syrian war is going badly and the Israeli and Americans want the oil resources found beneath the occupied Golan Heights and regime change. All bad for business – we need another war.

P Dolden, Papamoa.


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