Delays following Bayfair crash

The scene of the crash. Supplied photos.

One person has been taken to hospital with minor injuries following a morning collision near Bayfair.

A police media spokesperson says the crash happened just after 8am.

“We received a report about a crash involving a logging truck and a car at about 8.05am.

“This has happened on SH2 between the Girven Road roundabout and the BayPark rounabout.

“We have a report of a minor injury and police are currently attending.”

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says traffic is slow moving and is backed up.

“Traffic is delayed in the area and it looks as if one lane is blocked.

"It’s backed up all the way to Sandhurst Drive."

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The 50kph roadworks speed limit...

Posted on 11-04-2018 12:16 | By Border Patrol Bayfair is not being adhered to by a lot of drivers- the lanes have narrowed a lot, but drivers still seem to think that the 70km speed limit still applies. Also see a lot of people who can’t stay in their lane because they are going too fast. Not saying that is the case here, but it is something that should be policed better.

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