Shakeup begins for Mount carpark

An artist’s impression of the finished green space. Supplied image.

Mount Maunganui’s new urban green space development at 123-141 Maunganui Road is set to begin soon, providing a new space for people to enjoy by December 2018.

It will feature grass areas to play and relax, native trees to provide shade and a flexible space for events and activities all year round.

The new park will start taking shape from the end of March, transforming the current carpark into an urban space that everyone can use, and Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout is looking forward to seeing residents and visitors embrace the new asset.

“The park is designed for people to enjoy. It will create a greater sense of belonging for our community by encouraging social interaction through a shared space to rest and play,” he says.

Councillor Leanne Brown is excited about the new urban space that will finally start shortly. 

“The new space will be a really welcoming and relaxing area for both visitors and locals, ideally encouraging them to stay longer in the Mount CBD. Local businesses will also enjoy the economic benefits through increased foot traffic and a relaxed customer experience,” says Leanne.

“It will be a flexible usable space that will enhance its unique surrounding, and will accommodate a range of events as well as play a significant cultural role. As a city we are changing, and we hope this will pave the way for similar projects across the city.”

The transformation into a park is set to start on Thursday with the removal of a small number of Phoenix palms at the northern end of the park. This will take place prior to Easter and after hours to minimise disruption.

The northern end of the carpark will be blocked off following Easter weekend, with the remaining area of the car park available for customers as long as possible.

The temporary Tourism Bay of Plenty visitor information centre and the Mount Mainstreet office building will be shifted off-site in the week following Easter.

Council is working collaboratively with Mauao Properties Ltd who is redeveloping the site at 113-121 Maunganui Road, adjacent to the northern end of the park, providing an active edge to the new urban space including outdoor dining facilities.

Mauao Properties Ltd is demolishing the existing building at 113-121 Maunganui Road with a new development being constructed. The new premises will house some high profile retailers along Maunganui Road. Additionally, there will be several hospitality offerings opening out onto the new open green space, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy food and beverages, all while soaking up the atmosphere.

The construction works on both the park and 113-121 Maunganui Road site are being coordinated to minimise disruption for the public. Both projects are scheduled to be completed and open in December 2018. Council will keep the public informed about next steps of the project.

Parking changes during and after park construction

The number of parking spaces in the Phoenix carpark area will fluctuate during construction. Parking spaces that remain available will become free of charge, with time limits. Four temporary spaces will be created for mobility parking near the development.

The final park design will retain up to 20 car parks, including mobility car parks. The parking area next to May Street will remain open and will be expanded to include 12 extra parking spaces. All parking will be free with time restrictions.

In anticipation of the development, new permanent parking spaces are also being added in Nikau Crescent and Prince Avenue, retaining the balance of parking spaces in the downtown Mount area.

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Posted on 22-03-2018 12:05 | By Nick220

Why would anyone sit here when the beach is just there.... it beggars belief that the council are doing this


Posted on 22-03-2018 11:58 | By Told you

When are these so called planners going to learn that parking is one of priority things a city or town needs,also important is green space but not to detriment of parking.Please get the balance right.


Posted on 21-03-2018 12:53 | By Marshal

Hey, As long as there is some room for mobility scooters, And cruise ship passengers don’t need parking spaces.. Everyone else is irrelevant .. Go the Mount.!!

artist impression

Posted on 21-03-2018 10:07 | By Captain Sensible

These "artist impressions" sure do fool the fools at TCC. I wonder how many times in 5 years reality will remotely resemble the "impression"?

golly gosh

Posted on 20-03-2018 21:38 | By old trucker

after all these years fighting to keep parking there, TCC has done it again, NOT LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE,for crying out loud, Kelvin Clout is looking forward to seeing people there, what a lot of huey, TCC DONT CARE ABOUT US, and do not take notice of anybody, this is Terrible, next thing is, (probably) take all the trees out of the park next to old police station to build visitor centre, they closed the one where this is going to change ,and for crying out loud ,they TCC put a 20 ft container there to do the same thing, GOSH this is money wasted,there will be a uproar over this, (BUT) they DONT CARE,WAS THIS tendered out or is it going to a BUDDY,IMMMMM, this is like puting 2 rnd abouts outside school up hill grom brookfield, its blinkin STUPID,how are all the big trucks getting through,10-4out,Thanks.

I don't get it....

Posted on 20-03-2018 19:47 | By jed

This seems short sighted to me. Where are we supposed to park now? Personally I will avoid downtown Mount in the future. The mall is expanding, adding new shops and cinema etc. The Mount township is nice, but nice is no good if there is nowhere to park.

what about the $500,000,000 debt?

Posted on 20-03-2018 19:30 | By Captain Sensible

How about waiting till TCC’s half billion dollar debt is paid off first? All that incompetence from the past and present TCC councilors displays council as aclueless bunch of spenders with no regard for the future. If I ran my household like they do, I’d be homeless.


Posted on 20-03-2018 18:34 | By overit

Nice place for the homeless and beggars to loiter.

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