Sex allegations at Labour camp

Jacinda Ardern says the Labour Party dropped the ball in its handling of alleged sexual assaults at a Young Labour summer camp last month. Photo: MONIQUE FORD/STUFF

A police investigation has commenced into allegations regarding a Young Labour summer camp at Waihi in February.

The first step will be to assess information available to police to determine what is required from an investigation perspective, says assistant commissioner (investigations) Richard Chambers.

The investigation will be overseen by Detective Superintendent Chris Page.

“We continue to encourage anyone with information they wish to discuss with police, or matters they wish to report, to contact us,” says Richard.

“Our priority is to ensure that anyone who wishes to speak with us can feel comfortable in doing so, and to ensure that appropriate support services are available.

“We will not be publicly confirming any matters regarding those who may approach police, or complaints that may be received, to ensure that individuals can feel confident in speaking to us.

“We will also not discuss specific investigative steps which may be undertaken, or put a timeframe on the investigation.”

Allegations of sexual misconduct were brought to light yesterday, when reported “it’s alleged a 20-year-old man sexually assaulted four teenagers, all aged 16, including putting his hands down the pants of at least three of them”.

Further information on NZ Police’s approach to investigating sexual assault can be found here:


Mixed messages

Posted on 15-03-2018 20:21 | By Really

Last week Jan Tineti and Angie Warren-Clarke from the Labour Party were giving out free labour branded condoms to the young labour supporters with the slogan Lets Do This, now they are saying wish you hadnt....

Over blown

Posted on 14-03-2018 14:56 | By Told you

I cant help this has blown out of proportion considering the severity of the alleged offences.Im am not belittling the offence but the press and certain party supporters have jumped on the bandwagon to make it sound as bad as a college mass shooting.Thought and help should be given to the people involved,the Parents ,16years olds, even the perpetrator needs help,from what I have read in newspapers all are out to score political points not for one minute considering the people involved.Shame on you all.

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