Car-chase accused's custody remand

The video below shows the flames coming from under the bonnet of the vehicle. Video: Chris Strange.

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The man accused of jumping into the Wairoa River after a dramatic police chase in the Western Bay of Plenty has opted to stay behind bars until his next court appearance.

Bonn Glenn Taylor, 34, appeared in Tauranga District Court on Tuesday after being arrested on Monday.

Taylor is facing a raft of charges including two counts of failing to stop for police, two counts of recklessly operating a motor vehicle, driving while his licence was suspended, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle and shoplifting.

The driving charges are in relation to a police chase from Katikati, along State Highway 2 to the Wairoa Bridge.

At the time of the chase, a police spokesperson said police first saw the vehicle near Katikati at around 9.30am.

The vehicle was spiked twice during the chase and was seen driving on the rims before catching fire on the Wairoa Bridge.

The shoplifting charge is in relation to a petrol drive-off at a BP station in Morrinsville.

Police allege Taylor, from Whangarei, fled from the vehicle and jumped into the river in an attempt to evade police.

During his court appearance yesterday, Taylor consented to being remanded in custody.

No pleas have been entered in relation to the charges.

Taylor is due to reappear in court on March 20.



Posted on 14-03-2018 17:15 | By morepork

Some innocent people DO flee from Police. Some of them even get shot for it (though generally not here in NZ...) In this case, you are correct that the man is a recidivist, but no Court will allow previous convictions to affect a current charge. He (just like the rest of us) is "innocent until proven guilty". You may have a point about increasing penalties for people who flee, but I suspect that is already in place. The reckless driving is something he must answer for and I agree that people who endanger the public should be more stringently penalised if/when found guilty. Big sticks (like capital punishment) don’t generally deter crime; it needs to be addressed at source in schools, families, and communities. When we used to hang people, crime didn’t stop. Crime stems from attitude, and that stems from individual circumstances and background.

I agree Lvdw

Posted on 14-03-2018 17:08 | By Bruja

And not just for this guy. Let’s stop making prison into a paid holiday camp! Food and water enough to keep prisoners healthy but that is all. No treats, no lollies, no cigarettes, no TV, radios, computers, phone calls. 10 hour work days 7 days per week. Cells locked daily between 7pm and 6am. Visits from family and friends, phone calls to same, ’food treats’ ALL to be earned etc etc. Make it a safe but unpleasant place to be.

Innocent people dont flee from police

Posted on 14-03-2018 13:19 | By Lvdw

Thank goodness nobody was injured during this chase otherwise the headlines would have read "Yet another innocent bystander injured during a police chase" and the poor police force accused of all sorts of horrible things by the press.This guy is a recidivist offender - "two counts of failing to stop for police, two counts of recklessly operating a motor vehicle, driving while his licence was suspended, unlawful taking of a motor vehicle and shoplifting" Innocent people don’t flee from the police. If you flee and are convicted of other charges, your sentence should be doubled. That MAY deter some, but not all. Stop hitting them with a fluffy toy. Time for the big stick now.

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