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I regularly visit Memorial Park once a week with my dog; we both usually have a paddle. However, it has become very noticeable over the last year that the construction site in the park has ground to a halt. The project was to thrust a pipeline to convey wastewater collected from the properties in Matapihi for treatment at the local treatment plant. It would seem that all the equipment/hardware is on site but the project is in the too hard basket.

The contractor would have tendered for this work so if they are now unable to complete the work maybe it is time for council to be asking them to move off-site, taking all their gear with them and reinstating the ground to its original condition.

P Turmer, Pyes Pa.

Tauranga City Council replies:

Most of the Southern Pipeline construction happens deep under the harbour and is being operated from the Matapihi site. The project is to convey wastewater to the Te Maunga treatment plant, which will give the city’s sewerage network some much-needed capability to deal with increasing wastewater flows. All construction sites will be reinstated to original or better condition at the end of the project.

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P Turmer

Posted on 09-03-2018 16:13 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Yes it is a mess and the need for the pipeline is grossly over stated. In fact so much so that TCC’s own ocnsultants verified that the pipe likely will only reach capacity after it is completely warn out and past its use by date. Such is the wonders of planning and spending at TCC. Note: the reason for teh shift from the Domain to Matapihi was becuase of techno failures on the Domain side that means have to in desperation shift to teh other end to try and remedy. Yes there is a tender in house not publcally for all to tender. The contract provides for unlimited cost, overruns and exposure of ratepayers to endless bills and costs. Also it provides for no responsibibity on the contractor for completion in any manner or form.

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