‘Blurring’ of real arguments

Like others, I am a consumer with concerns about Trustpower’s behaviour, not least after installing solar panels and finding the excess power we generated was paid a miserable 7c per kilowatt by them, as opposed to the 29c/kilowatt they charged us for power from the grid.  

I concluded Trustpower was hiding behind the TECT cheque to justify excessively high charges and as the most expensive provider, was ripping us off.  On leaving, they offered a $300 sweetener to stay, which I rejected as loyalty and respect can’t be bought. 

I now watch them spending vast amounts on advertising and blurring the real arguments to self-serve. The TECT cheque is not a gift from Trustpower so they can claim no part of the discussion around it.

It’s time that Trustpower woke up to the fact that the whole power retail industry is going to face major disruption as we move toward a sustainable energy future. I have yet to see any vision or proactive signs from them, or genuine care for Tauranga customers. TECT on the other hand is endeavouring to protect the interests of consumers as disruption comes down the line. 

For that reason, TECT deserves your yes vote.   

J Mayson, Bethlehem.


To leighmac: CONSUMERS, not the community!

Posted on 09-03-2018 12:52 | By SML

You said it yourself - "TECT on the other hand is endeavouring to protect the interests of consumers as disruption comes down the line." Not the "community", but CONSUMERS, and there is NO LEGAL MANDATE (nor even a coherent explanation) of why the TECT distribution cheques, to the Tauranga/Western Bay consumers of the old TEPB area, should move from 80% to those consumers/20% to the Tauranga community! Vote "NO" to the proposal, and hold the TECT trustees to legal account for their actions, which are contrary to the TECT Trust deed, at the election, coming soon!"

Trustpower woes!

Posted on 09-03-2018 09:55 | By leighmac

Yes they are very expensive. Down here in Hastings they have (twice in 6 months) been door knocking for new customers to replace the thousands that have changed power companies for a better deal. The last effort was @ 6 pm on a Sunday evening at 6.30 pm, very inconvenient but that paled when the accent of the caller made conversation impossible! I was trying to tell him that our power prices were far more friendly price wise than what he was offering. The main owners of Trustpower, Infratil Australia are well known for price gouging, and by the way we actually speak English in this neck of the Woods.

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