Nineteen vying for council seat

Electoral officer Warwick Lampp says eight nominations for the current vacancy on the council were only made this morning. File photo.

A total of 19 candidates will be vying for a seat on Tauranga City Council in the upcoming by-election, after a vacancy was created following Councillor Gail McIntosh’s death.

Nominations closed at 12pm today, with some candidates cutting it close.

Electoral officer Warwick Lampp says there was a ‘last minute rush’ with eight of the nominations being made this morning.

“The last came in at 11.50am.”

Five of the candidates have previously served on council, including Tony Christiansen (who missed out on an At Large seat in 2016 by less than 90 votes), Bill Faulkner, Anne Pankhurst, Murray Guy, and John Robson.

In order to be eligible to stand, candidates have to be New Zealand citizens over the age of 18 and on the electoral roll.

However, they do not have to live in Tauranga, and Warwick says three of the candidates live outside the city boundaries – as far away as Hamilton and the Coromandel. The only other requirement to be a candidate is for two people enrolled in Tauranga to nominate them.

Voting papers will be sent out between April 9 and April 14, with voting closing at 12pm on Tuesday May 1. The preliminary results will be announced the same day, with the successful candidate sworn in at an extraordinary council meeting on Monday May 7.

List of candidates

NESDALE, Sheldon

Fix our Traffic! Fix our Recycling!


TOP – The Opportunities Party

GRAY, Lester

Putting People First




Committed to Tauranga



LAMARE, Yvette


OWENS, Douglas




COOK, Gillian

RAGG, Andrew


TANK, David Leo

CURTIS, Robert


GUY, Murray

Community First


Real Change - Guaranteed




@ Told you

Posted on 29-03-2018 03:23 | By MISS ADVENTURE

That is what they all will say, however within three months they are run through the "programming" phase and any factor contrary to the organisations desires is removed, they ar ethen permitted to fling a hand in the air when the nod is goven to do so.

Murray Guy

Posted on 11-03-2018 16:50 | By Accountable

Because of John Robson previous work experience he is the only person who has the ability to keep up with the overload of relevant and more so irrelevant information the Council staff produce daily to justify their existence. As you know it is the Council staff calling the tune and the Councillors are being left behind because of their inability and lack of time to understand the consequences when they sign a project off because it is all to difficult for them. Johns profession was until he retired at a young age, very much involved with rectifying the aftermath of poor decision making within large private and public companies. Tauranga needs his skills to bring the Councils spending within a budget that the ratepayers of the city can afford and with that he will also bring back the accountability that is so dearly needed.

Right person

Posted on 07-03-2018 18:47 | By Told you

I dont care who gets the seat as long as they have common sense and do the best for the rate payers.

Accountable, please prove and explain your criteria

Posted on 07-03-2018 12:21 | By Murray.Guy

Accountable, you write, ’John Robson is the perfect match to your requirements. He has a proven business background’. NO disrespect to John, BUT where is this proof and furthermore, since when has a perception of a candidate or Councillor’s corporate success been a measure for an elected members ability to secure ’best outcomes’ for a community, to apply integrity based democracy and personal contribution? The present direction of Tauranga City Council which has the monkey, not the organ grinder, calling the tune, rates and debt going through the roof, has NOTHING to do with a lack of corporate experience, JUST a lack of concern for the community, an unwillingness to apply common sense, a seat warmer versus a player! A survey asking the criteria, skill sets and personal attributes, a community considers important in an elected member would make interesting reading. Integrity applied democracy likely not mentioned!

@The Caveman

Posted on 07-03-2018 11:07 | By Accountable

John Robson is the perfect match to your requirements. He has a proven business background which is exactly what is needed to help run an organisation as big as the Tauranga City Council.

Superannuation Top Up -- By waiknot

Posted on 06-03-2018 20:58 | By The Caveman

Actually I would rather have a retired businessman (sorry businessPERSON) who has a lifetime of experience, and who has the time to contribute to the betterment of Tauranga, than some "never had a real job" type that is pushing a "personal barrow" and looking for a soft life on the ratepayer tit.................


Posted on 06-03-2018 15:42 | By dumbkof2

can we please have a list of who is fore and against the white elephants. museum council buildings library etc.

Superannuation Top Up

Posted on 06-03-2018 15:26 | By waiknot

Im looking at a few of the candidates and just wondering whether they are looking for an income stream during retirement ?


Posted on 06-03-2018 14:51 | By Accountable

My favourite subjects are Council and their organisations and parking. I would be very interested to hear your points of view sometime.Cheers and have a great day.


Posted on 06-03-2018 12:04 | By S Morris

You’re usually wrong, but you’re right on this. Robson is the only one who can get things back on track.

@ Accountable

Posted on 06-03-2018 10:41 | By MISS ADVENTURE


The only one

Posted on 06-03-2018 10:14 | By Accountable

With enough intellegence and expertise is John Robson. As he has proven after the last election he will honour all his agreements which is extremly unusual within this present Council. Looking through the list of candidates he is the only one with a proven background and who has shown he is more than capable of getting things done within the Councils hostile enviroment.

vote David Tank

Posted on 06-03-2018 08:16 | By Mein Fuhrer

I’m sure he will happily stir things up in this moronic entity called TCC.

Dear Sheldon

Posted on 05-03-2018 21:35 | By MISS ADVENTURE

If you have to ask what the "real" issues are then you are little use in there. The issues multi-ferious and nefarious in nature .... Its worse than your think Jim! Ops I mean Sheldon.

Dear Sheldon #2

Posted on 05-03-2018 21:33 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The only good thing about this list is that 18 wont make it.

So, we have a final list....

Posted on 05-03-2018 21:25 | By groutby

...of those wishing to represent us in our city as councillor "at large"... each candidate (if they are serious) will be vying for your confidence. It seems to me that the comments so far are somewhat premature, and will hope for a great debate between candidates before the final vote. We will get to know more of their individual hopes and aspirations and must consider them all...this is democracy, and more importantly our RIGHT to choose whom we think will serve us in the best way possible. Past grievances may well have to be set aside to make this decision. Some candidates I know, others not so, but we must learn of their intentions to make an informed decision. Vote well Tauranga...

Dear Sheldon

Posted on 05-03-2018 21:23 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Those restanding = former Councillors are all well past their use by date!


Posted on 05-03-2018 21:19 | By MISS ADVENTURE

God help the ratepayer, jsut a couple worth voting for.


Posted on 05-03-2018 19:55 | By waiknot

Well John Robson, is the only one worthy of my vote. Capt your wheel chair friend had a very poor attendance record last time by memory. The other previous councillors really should never have been elected the first time.


Posted on 05-03-2018 18:47 | By maildrop

Don’t you just squirm at those strap lines? Anybody that puts meaningless bull**** won’t get my vote. Nor will anybody that doesn’t clearly say no to the museum.


Posted on 05-03-2018 17:44 | By Capt_Kaveman

one person here who was here before and he owns a wheel chair the rest is a waste of time and we dont want any old past drongos

Too many wanta be's for me

Posted on 05-03-2018 17:29 | By Dazed and Confused

We should pass a law :If you have been kicked off once before you can’t go back for a second try.This lot are either self serving red carpet hunters or looking to save the country one bicycle at a time the rest of this mob would show up for the opening of a envelope if they thought there would be savories and ham sandwiches .ohhh and a Museum collection plate. Waste of time

Great to see...

Posted on 05-03-2018 16:59 | By Border Patrol

..that some previous councillors are putting their hand up again. I saw Bill Faulkner in action against the Deputy Mayor (who very obviously was in favour) over the university proposal to use up more of our green space, this time at Sulphur Point (even though there are better options available). Bill was trying to get the deputy mayor to admit that a "peppercorn" lease would most likely apply and the DM was squirming- great to see. I think that residents are perhaps getting sick and tired of this council "railroading" certain causes and allowing development at the expense of our lifestyle and pockets. There needs to be more accountability and transparency from council which seems to be lacking at the moment.

I hope for everyones sake...

Posted on 05-03-2018 16:42 | By S Morris

That John Robson is the winner


Posted on 05-03-2018 16:42 | By NZer

Well I dont see Peter Dey or Robin Bell on the list. I suppose its easier to sit back and whinge Maori have no candidates in local govt rather that get off your ass and do something about it by standing for election...

19 candidates? Wow

Posted on 05-03-2018 16:17 | By SheldonNesdale

That’s a lot of people who want to help Tauranga out with it’s issues. What do you think the major issues that need fixing are?

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