Woman conquers Mount 38 times in one day

Mount Maunganui woman Andrea Gifford climbed Mauao 38 times in just under 22 hours on Saturday. Supplied photo.

Many people have been trying to do the Mount Everest Challenge, which involves climbing Mauao 38 times (the equivalent of Mount Everest) in 50 days.

One Mount Maunganui woman has taken the challenge a step further - completing all 38 climbs in less than a day.

“I kind of left it until the last minute,” says interior designer Andrea Gifford. “I haven’t been up more than twice in a row before. Training-wise, I play netball and go the gym during the week, but I didn’t have much of a training schedule.”

Beyond that, her only other preparation was sitting down with a nutritionist the Thursday before to discuss what she should be eating on the day of the climbs to keep her energy up.

“Every half hour I had water, and every hour I had electrolytes. I also ate Nutella sandwiches along with fruit and muesli bars. That was for the first ten hours, and after that I ate whatever would get me through – mostly lollies and sugary stuff.”

Andrea started the gruelling climbs at 1am on Saturday morning, and finished up just before 11pm that night.

She says there wasn’t time for too many stops, although it started to get harder around midday, when she was halfway through and the midday heat was at its strongest.

“It felt like forever to keep going, but a lot of people arrived at that time to help cheer me on.”

Andrea says she would have been back at work on Monday, but ended up going to the A&E on Sunday to have her foot checked, after she woke up to find she couldn’t put any weight on it.

“I started to feel it hurt at around 2pm on Saturday, during the climb, and I took my shoe off at around 4pm and noticed a bruise. But everything hurts, so you don’t really notice. It turns out there were a few stress fractures in the foot.”

Other than that injury, the 24-year-old is fighting fit, and thrilled not only with her physical accomplishment, but also with the money she’s raised for charity.

“I’ve been blown away by the amount I’ve raised. I went in with a goal of may be $200 or $300, and at this stage I’m sitting at more than $2000, which is really amazing.”

All money raised by participants in this year’s Mount Everest Challenge will go to the Waipuna Hospice.



Posted on 01-03-2018 23:24 | By Calm down

You rock!

Great effort

Posted on 01-03-2018 06:48 | By Gladiator56

Ignorant couple of knockers posted here. Well done, quite an achievement. You can be very proud of yourself.

Good stuff

Posted on 28-02-2018 22:36 | By Blasta

Good job well done.Great to see people set a challenge and succeed.You deserve to be proud of yourself


Posted on 28-02-2018 15:04 | By Ubique

Day off work .real cost of hospital treatmentBalances out funds raised


Posted on 28-02-2018 13:08 | By Anton

Why we cant raise $ 2000,- without climbing 38 times the mount, waste of energy to me.


Posted on 28-02-2018 12:20 | By Gaz

That is impressive stuff and real commitment. I thought I was good, but not even in the park with you. Amazing!

well done

Posted on 28-02-2018 09:08 | By Captain Sensible

Well done! Takes me 38 days to do that!

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