Act of kindness turns sour

Damage sustained after the incident. Supplied photo.

The victim of a driving incident near Welcome Bay is expressing frustration after what had intended to be an act of compassion, turned sour on her.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the incident happened on Welcome Bay Rd between Kairua Rd and Ngapeke Rd on Sunday at about 1am.

“I was on my way home and I noticed there was a girl on the side of the road crying so I turned around to make sure she was okay.

“I was talking her through the passenger window, seeing if she was alright and she was incoherent, so I drove away.

“As I turned around to go the way I was initially headed, a guy run out in front of my car. I stopped or I would’ve hit him and he came and put his hand through my window to try and grab my keys.

“I had my hand on the keys so I just drove off. I went back to the girl on the side of the road, told her to get in the car because she wasn’t safe and then out of nowhere a vehicle rammed me and continued to chase me all the way back into Welcome Bay.”

She describes the vehicle as being a four-wheel drive, possibly of a Hilux make. She says the incident was reported to police.

“The girl genuinely looked distressed so I don’t regret stopping, but I’m still frustrated about what happened.

“The car I was driving wasn’t even my own, for starters. The boot is jammed closed so I can’t really drive it around anyway, and I certainly do not want to stop anywhere on the side of the road again.”

She says she received minor injuries including a sore back and neck.

“My poor dog was in the car and my passenger went to the hospital because he was in a lot of pain.”

The incident has sparked a friend, Deijah Cook, to send out a warning on social media to other drivers.

“I have three kids and I travel that road often, so I want to make people aware not to stop,” her post reads.

“It’s sad when you don’t know if the person legitimately needs help, but these people have now ruined my faith.

“Innocent people and families don’t need to be affected like this like my friend was.”


It depends.

Posted on 22-02-2018 20:37 | By morepork

I think this lady did the right thing in checking if the girl was all right. Yes, there are "bad buggers" but there are also people who may need help. Personally, I don’t want a culture of fear to replace one of kindness. However, I do agree that whether you stop or not, is a decision that has to be made individually and depending on the circumstances. Nowadays with cellphones (I don’t use one, except on long trips) you CAN call the Police and may then consider your civic duty discharged, I guess.

Don't stop!

Posted on 22-02-2018 14:44 | By clingon

Dont stop on for anyone on the side of the road at night- this is a ploy to steal your car or rob you. Call the cops, thats what we pay them for. There are some nasty people out there who will use any method to satisfy their greed, keep driving...

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