Caution needed at rural train crossings

The vehicle at the scene. Photo: Andrew Campbell.

Motorists are being warned to take caution when driving near train tracks, after a train and car crash on Kairua Road.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager acting Senior Sergeant Wayne Hunter says no one was injured in last night’s crash.

“Police were called to the crash just after 6.20pm. A vehicle had collided with a train at the level crossing.

“This is a straight-forward crash and no injuries were sustained.”

He says no charges have been laid, and expects if they are it will be a minor matter.

Wayne says it’s important to take caution near train tracks.

“If there’s no barrier arms at a train crossing, make sure you check the bells and lights aren’t going.

“There’s quite a few rural roads where there aren’t any barriers, they only have bells and lights, so it’s important to be really careful near these. Especially when there’s bright sunshine, you have to be pretty wary.

“If a train is about to pass, don’t try to beat it either.”

He says the last incident at the crossing was about three years ago.

“This was a similar incident, the driver didn’t hear the bells and got hit by a train. There were luckily no injuries in that incident either.”



Posted on 22-02-2018 21:28 | By groutby

...there were no injuries or worse...great...but even the Police are treating such incidents as a ’ho-hum’ approach now, there is so much stupidity on the roads it is hard to know where to start...didn’t see lights?..hear bells?...lookin see a TRAIN coming?....really?...a "sraight forward crash"?...did the train driver see it that way as an ’everyday’ event?..unbelievable...

Train 1

Posted on 21-02-2018 23:15 | By GreertonBoy

Car Nil.... Whew!! scary moment for driver

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