Enjoying our public places to the full

Tauranga City Council is looking for feedback on what people think of the city’s public spaces. File photo.

Is there anything that spoils our city’s streets, beaches, reserves for you?

That’s the question Tauranga City Council is asking the community to help inform the review of four public places bylaws. 

The council is reviewing these bylaws to make sure they tackle all the issues they need to, and that they meet the changing needs of a growing community. This includes looking into topics such as begging, rough sleeping, signs, tables and chairs on footpaths, activities on beaches, freedom camping, and alcohol-free areas. 

“Bylaws help ensure that people can enjoy public places safely and free from nuisance. They are special rules that apply in the Tauranga area only. Not complying with a bylaw can result in prosecutions, court-imposed fines and seizure of property. Bylaws are enforced by warranted Council staff or contractors, and by external agencies like the New Zealand Police,” says the council, in a statement.

The bylaws currently up for review are the Street Use and Public Places Bylaw, the Beaches Bylaw, the Freedom Camping Bylaw and the Liquor-free and Vehicle-free Zones in Public Places Bylaw. 

Before making any changes to these bylaws, the council is gathering information from the community on any issues that spoil their enjoyment of Tauranga’s streets, beaches and reserves. 

Residents are invited to have their say by Monday March 12 by completing a short survey at tauranga.govt.nz/publicplaces.

The council will use the community’s input to prepare proposals to update the four bylaws, and develop options for consideration by elected members. The draft amended bylaws will then be submitted back to the community for formal consultation – likely in July 2018.


@E Munster

Posted on 20-02-2018 16:38 | By Told you

Do the trailers interfere with your enjoyment of the marina in anyway?. I consider you a bit mean spirited

Boat Trailers

Posted on 19-02-2018 07:58 | By Eddie Munster

There needs to be a ban on taking up all the green space at Sulphur Point with parked boat trailers.

The council are hypocrites...

Posted on 17-02-2018 22:30 | By Border Patrol

...wanting feedback on what spoils "enjoyment of reserves" when they themselves are guilty of it by allowing existing green spaces to be built on by commercial entities. An "Active Open Space" at Sulphur Point Marina is the next on their radar as a site for the University to build a marine research centre. Whilst not against the centre, this is another piece of land which is currently deemed as "Active Open Space" and open for anyone to use, however council want to allow this commercial entity to build on it when there are alternate locations available (although council will deny this). We also know that "a Peppercorn lease" will most likely apply on this particular site as the deputy mayor today did not deny this when questioned by the public.


Posted on 17-02-2018 19:19 | By Tgaboy

Trashy, vulgar people. They make these spaces unpleasant. Wouldnt it be nice if council had a service that could come sweep these types up so others dont have to be affected by them. Sigh. Dreams are free.


Posted on 17-02-2018 16:31 | By Capt_Kaveman

the main beach vendors and put them on the grass

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