First containers wash ashore

Containers from the stricken container ship Rena are washing up along Mount Maunganui Beach this morning.

Four containers have washed-up so far with three sealed and one open.

The open one is carrying burger patties and refrigerator insulation.

Containers from Rena are washing up on Mount Maunganui Beach. This one is near the corner Marine Parade and Sutherland Avenue.

“There is another one just off Marine Parade which is still moving in the water.”

Tracy says police are on the beach keeping an eye on the area.

Maritime New Zealand spokesperson Nick Bohm says he can confirm another 30 containers have fallen off the ship overnight.

This container is on the beach near the Marine Parade and Oceanbeach Road roundabout.

These two containers are on the beach near Maranui Street.

Nick says he can not confirm where exactly they will be washing up on Mount Maunganui Beach.

“We expect more to come ashore sometime today.”

Nick says there is heavy oiling on Motiti Island today and "moderate" oiling on Papamoa Beach.

“Mount Maunganui is considered light compared to what is washing up on Motiti. We expect oil to keep washing up on shore from this point on.”

Oil on the beach 100m south of the Papamoa Surf Club at 7am today. Photo: Rick Curach.

Nick says Maritime NZ have started to contact volunteers today to get them trained and assigned to a team as soon as possible.

“Training will take about an hour before they are assigned to a crew to go out. We're still keen to hear from more volunteers, they can call the 0800 OIL SPILL number.”

Alternatively people can visit

Seen a container wash ashore? Phone 0800 SUNLIVE with your news tip.

email with your photos


@ Openknee8ted

Posted on 13-10-2011 16:57 | By Jolene Publique

140 down at Papamoa today. You could also sign up to join the effort - 0800 oil spill Also note that the tide has an influence when they are on the beach. And I think they are doing it every second day. Do not sniff at their effort, get on your phone and join in.

Where are the 500 promised

Posted on 13-10-2011 11:20 | By Openknee8ted

All I have seen some confused Fulton Hogan staff and a policeman.

Re positive action required

Posted on 13-10-2011 11:05 | By Joe Bloggs

I agree with you 100% gadstuff, I get sick to death of the doom merchants, the whingers and the armchair critics, you can bet they won't turn up to help or as suggested previously stand for council so they can make a positive contribution instead of sniping from the sidelines

What has Mount Maunganui done to deserve all these manmade disasters

Posted on 13-10-2011 10:24 | By Scambuster

In the past year or we have seen -the failure of the artificial reef, the multitude of leaky highrises/apartments,TCC using Mount as a dumping ground for developments causing traffic and parking chaos, the Mauao slips( partly natural) resulting in closure of walking tracks the Mount Hot pools outrage and now to top it all of a large cargo ship hits the Astrolabe reef and is abut to unleash the worst environmental disaster NZs ever seen.This has not been helped by the complete failure of GOVT and the Quangos to address the shipwreck in a proactive and pragmatic way by treating it with the urgency it deserved.

Posted on 13-10-2011 10:20 | By gabigarate

What the hell is actually happening? How come 0800 volunteer number can say that they have got enough people to do the clean up? It must be a joke!!! Guys time to wake up and let people help to clean this big mess, everyone will feel better about the whole thing and we will have our beaches as they were before, the sooner is better. I can not believe that the fine for it is only $10.000 how much it will cost to our beautiful Bay of Plenty and also the businesses around Mount Maunganui, Tauranga and Papamoa? Tehy have made a big mistake and they have to be charged for it. Gabi

Positive action required

Posted on 13-10-2011 09:21 | By gadstuff

I will get in first here before the wining & whingeing starts. Use your energy to dial 0800 oil spill to volunteer with the clean up, rather than making stupid unproductive comments.

Busy Police

Posted on 13-10-2011 09:15 | By dave4u

Sorry were too busy guarding soggy meat patties to come to your burglary


Posted on 13-10-2011 08:44 | By whiskers

Odd,I am sure I heard a radio announcement from authorities yesterday saying that they more than enough volunteers and for locals not to ring the 0800 number.Now this morning......... Is this a sign the authorities further don't know what to do about this absolute disaster to the wildlife and the beach? Now isn't the time but heads must roll over this debacle from those that make the feeble maritime laws for shipping on our coast to the inept people managing the authority charged with caring for the coastline when accidents(if one can call it that) happen.

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