TECT move will benefit community

What's all the emotion? Why is Trustpower so defensive? TECT's proposal about how it distributes its well-earned dividends is a pretty good deal for the local community.

In five years' time, TECT plans to triple its funding for community projects and organisations. More than $20 million will be allocated each year - that's a big boost for well-intentioned organisations struggling to attract adequate funding.

More money flowing into the community means bolder plans, greater resources and services, and bigger projects. We don't just have to rely on ratepayers' money, and the TECT contribution will help develop a healthy and thriving community.

TECT's proposed one-off payment of $2500 to Trustpower consumers - plus five more years of TECT cheques - is equivalent to a decade of handy pay-outs. That's a bonus. But in the end the community we live in must benefit.

The TECT proposal may just force Trustpower to lower their prices. Go to the website powerswitch.org.nz and you will find Trustpower is not the cheapest operator in town. Anyone is free to switch, and right now that move would result in savings greater than the annual TECT cheque. The cheque may not be the panacea it is made out to be.

G Skellern, Matapihi.

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No community benefit here?

Posted on 09-02-2018 18:55 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The plan to take in-house the investment and funds held to all be apparently charitable is strange at best. Questions clearly arise about who will vote them in, where teh income will be used and for whose benefot. That string of events does not have "Community benfit" assured anywhere along the trail ...

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