Sticky plaster over a bullet hole

A bypass around Katikati is nothing more than a sticky plaster over a bullet hole. In no time at all, blood will seep and the problem will again be a problem. It will mean more trucks and traffic to head north through Katikati, more roundabouts to negotiate, and more accidents on every rural intersection.

I believe the only solution is a four-plus lane tunnel running from the Port of Tauranga through the Kaimai Ranges, linking with a satellite port in South Waikato and the main north/south trunk line. No stops, no towns to go through and turn-offs to places you want to go.

Whoever thought it to be a good idea to run state highways through, or bypass around towns? Maybe get rid of the trains and change to a motorway? A main railway line running through the middle of the island with satellite port stops throughout. See it like a tree with branches and not the maze it has become. And stop all new housing consents until it is sorted! If the council had morals, they would put life before dollars. What’s a life worth? To the council, another set of rates money to spend on ridiculous projects.

F de Graaf, Katikati.


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