Confusion over TECT submissions

Trustpower customer Linley Slater is worried some people may be mistakenly ticking the wrong box when they give feedback on the TECT proposal. Photos: Ryan Wood.

Submission forms have gone out to thousands of Western Bay of Plenty homes asking for Trustpower customers’ thoughts on the proposal to transform TECT into a solely charitable trust.

However, one consumer feels the submission form is too ambiguous in its phrasing.

Trustpower customer Linley Slater, who wishes to retain the current TECT cheque model, says several people she’s spoken to have misinterpreted the form’s feedback section, asking about the respondent’s support for the proposal.

The first box says ‘I support the proposal in its current form’, while the second says ‘I do not support the proposal in its current form’.

Below is a space for submitters to leave comments.

“I’ve spoken to eight people, including two women behind the desk at Trustpower, who all wanted to retain the cheque, and yet all of them would have ticked the first box on the form,” says Linley.

The options on the TECT submission form.

She’s concerned that some people will see the phrase ‘current form’ and assume that equates to the status quo, i.e. retaining the annual TECT cheque for the remainder of the trust’s existence.

TECT chair Bill Holland says it’s unfortunate to hear some people have misread the form.

“Thousands of people have received the form by email and post – around 54,000 around the area. I would have thought it was sufficiently clear.”

He says regardless of which box people tick, there is space to suggest modifications.

“For people who don’t want to see any changes at all to the current model should say they don’t support the proposal in its current form.”

He stresses that the form is only asking for submissions at this stage – the actual vote will be held at a later date, with a clear ‘yes’ and ‘no’ option.

Submissions regarding the TECT proposal close on March 1, and can be made by any eligible Trustpower customer in the Western Bay of Plenty.

TECT trustees and management will also be holding informal information drop-in sessions this month around the region.


4-7pm, Wednesday February 7, The Orchard, 20 MacLoughlin Drive, Te Puke

4-7pm, Thursday February 15, Katikati Memorial Hall

11am-2pm, Friday February 16, Daniels in the Park, 53 11th Ave, Tauranga



Posted on 18-02-2018 20:09 | By NotNat

Were honest and open it wouldn’t be 2500 they are offering. Some. power consumers are worth around 14000...take that in for a moment and then...that Trustpower and TECT have a 50 year contract to deliver these cheques. Only 10 or so years have been. 40 years at 300 dollars a year (ironically enough equals....yup $14000)

Don't worry folks -

Posted on 06-02-2018 23:02 | By The Caveman

The TECT trustees have already decided where they are taking you local "trust" and it is NOT where 95% of its beneficiaries - yes YOU the loyal customers of Trustpower - wants to go................

What a Sham

Posted on 06-02-2018 20:17 | By Bob the Builder

So shouldnt the Trustees personally fund the sending out of another unbiased/non-confusing form?. The way they have conducted this entire process is a disgrace & completely unjust. Trustees you were elected on the promise of protecting the cheque-where is your integrity?????

Current Form Unclear

Posted on 06-02-2018 19:21 | By Brian Porter

A fool think he needs no advice, but a wise man listens to others.[Proverbs 12:15]-Bible

The From

Posted on 06-02-2018 17:41 | By roseh

I can’t understand all why people think the 2 questions are miss leading At 81 I knew excactly what it meant. And didn’t needed to have it exlpained to me .Are some people just trying to stir?

I assume

Posted on 06-02-2018 17:13 | By Kendra

that there will be a democratic vote that’s not worded ambiguously? Let the shareholders vote asap and stop all this nonsense.

incomplete information

Posted on 06-02-2018 14:07 | By jaydeegee

TECT make the following statements: "The 2016 demerger of Tilt Renewables from Trustpower was further evidence that more change is inevitable". What does this mean? What are Tilt Renewables? What changes?TECT claims that "there’s now more choice in electricity retailers, accelerating disruptive technological change, high population growth and different expectations from local communities". Consumers need examples of these choices. This doesn’t make any sense. What are the choices for Consumers in such aspects of technological change, high population growth etc.?There seems to be an ill conceived assumption by TECT that all consumers fully understand the situation. This "Important Information on Proposed Changes to TECT ’ needs much more clarification in writing, for those consumers who are unable to attend the Consumer Information Sessions and/or do not have access to a computer to access the website!


Posted on 06-02-2018 13:25 | By stephennel

Mindblowing communication skills.

Dodgy form

Posted on 06-02-2018 12:21 | By grumpyme

Bill Holland may very well say it’s unfortunate to hear some people have misread the form. However, the wording implies you either like the current proposal, or you would like to see a different form of the proposal. It does not allow you to prefer the current arrangements. Dodgy indeed. It suggests that Bill Holland and his cronies have decided they are going to stop the cheques one way or another.


Posted on 06-02-2018 12:10 | By kiwisan

Had written my same concerns on my form. Many people would pull out the words ’current form’ and believe they are choosing a no change option..incorrectly.It also does not give the option of status quo, only ’not supporting the proposal in its present form’.Ambiguous and not acceptable.


Posted on 06-02-2018 11:57 | By rayjonalen

You would almost think a lawyer had drafted the submission form.


Posted on 06-02-2018 11:57 | By rayjonalen

You would almost think a lawyer had drafted the submission form.


Posted on 06-02-2018 11:12 | By Capt_Kaveman

use a company that uses deception, this should be sent up to govt for inspection

As clear as mud

Posted on 06-02-2018 10:12 | By backofthequeue

And far from best practice when a simple question with a yes or no answer is all that was required. What is clear is that the 6 trustees of TECT have decided they want to remove the 58,000 beneficiaries from the equation. Obfuscation, confusion and 25 pieces of silver are all part of the design.

More Deception

Posted on 06-02-2018 08:46 | By Maryfaith

These two questions are deliberately misleading. The ’Current proposal’ should be stated above the given alternatives on the submission form. We have all smelt a rat in this proposal - now the rat gets smellier!

It has

Posted on 06-02-2018 08:39 | By Merlin

It has become a bit of a shambles really.Perhaps designed to get the vote approval going.Trust power are not happy because if it goes people may shop around for their power provider.

Bill Holland Trustpower

Posted on 06-02-2018 07:39 | By J C Wilson

People have misread the form which means it is ambiguous Mr Holland

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