Case of the invisible shopper

For the first time in a year I went shopping at Bayfair, or rather tried to. I would like to know if women over 60 are invisible.

I wanted a pair of sport sandals. After waiting at the first shop for five minutes I asked for help and was told to try a shop in Taupo.  At a bed linen and towel shop, after holding towels for five minutes and being ignored, I put them down and walked out. In the pharmacy I needed cosmetics but walked out after five minutes again. Another shoe shop – ignored. A couple of women’s clothing stores and a department store – ignored again. Thanks to the young lady in Glassons who acknowledged me within 30 seconds after I entered the shop.

When will stores realise that people over 60 usually have money to spend as their mortgage is paid off and kids have left home. In the UK and Australia, shop assistants do not ignore the over 60s.

My sister needed outfits for a wedding and the races and was going to come over to go to Bayfair. I met her in Cambridge, we had a great afternoon shopping, and were acknowledged in every shop we went to.

W Galloway, Omokoroa.


I will.........

Posted on 11-02-2018 09:37 | By groutby

.......take it from the lack of the response that we are all happy with the levels of service, choices (lack of) and prices we pay at retail levels then?..must be just me thinking we can do better........

This seems to be a growing problem.........

Posted on 02-02-2018 22:32 | By groutby

....not so much about us ’over 60’s’ in my opinion, but retail service generally in New Zealand. We (NZ) do not seem to be able or wish to compete on product (availability) or price, compared to that from overseas, we have to offer something very, very special to expect the punter to part with more cash with less choice of product..and you know what?..we don’t. There are many, many exceptions but it does seem to me that ’quality’ service is diminishing, and rapidly. To be able to offer quality service is special yet is so underestimated in NZ , many people shop offshore because at least in part because of this, I do....retailers need not believe adding GST to imports will resolve the issue..not a chance, perhaps If you can sharpen your pencil and offer magic service this will help..I welcome responses as this is a real issue...

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