Tauranga plagued by bugs

Spiders and flies have been one of the main call outs for one Tauranga pest control company. The video show a “huge” weta in Mount Maunganui.

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Tauranga is one of many locations around the nation currently facing a plague of insects.

Pest control companies around the country have reported a big increase in demand for their services this month.

Pestworks Tauranga owner Patrick Allen says while bugs are about all year around, there is definitely an increase during summer months.

“We spray all year, but you certainly see a lot more bugs around this time of year.

“With the humidity we’ve been having there’s definitely more flies about and with the wind pre-Christmas we’re also seeing a lot of spiders.”

He says 50 per cent of his work during the summer season has been to do with spiders and webs in or around customers’ homes.

“When there’s wind a lot of the spiders, especially if you have trees or plants around your property, get blown about.

“Generally people have their doors open a lot more in summer so rather than there being any type of increase, it’s more as if it just becomes more noticeable.”




Posted on 22-01-2018 14:37 | By PersonWorm

The flies have been awful this year. I never spray because I like having a healthy population of spiders keeping the fruit flies and mossies down but flies don’t seem to get into the webs. Fly tape has been working quite well, but I got one of those resuable fly traps with the bait and water in them and it has just bee stinking up a storm and not drawing in any flies. Flies drive me absolutely insane.


Posted on 22-01-2018 13:40 | By Capt_Kaveman

NZ and NZers need to clean up their act


Posted on 22-01-2018 11:37 | By MISS ADVENTURE

These are a result of the previously reported exclusive use of the storm water drains by officials, they must be rotting up a storm down there and now we see/hear/feel the fruits of their labour from below ...


Posted on 22-01-2018 11:28 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Warmer dry then rain, sounds like bug heaven.

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