Motorcyclist dies following crash

File photo.

A motorcyclist injured in a crash on Whangamata Road in Kinloch yesterday afternoon has died in hospital overnight. 

Police say the crash occurred at around 2.20pm on Saturday, and involved the motorcycle and a car. 

The motorcyclist was transported to hospital in a critical condition and later died from his injuries. 

The Serious Crash Unit is investigating the cause of the crash. 

No further details regarding the motorcyclist are available at this stage.


Simple it may be

Posted on 21-01-2018 21:11 | By kinakat

May be simple for you to comment so flippantly but are the comments appropriate!did you consider the family or friends that may read your amazing knowledgeable comments.

Not always

Posted on 21-01-2018 18:15 | By clingon

Not true Miss. A Mini car driver was killed years ago when he pulled out of 17th ave into the path of a motor bike travelling on Fraser st which struck the passenger side of the car and became embedded. The two on the bike survived...

The Cause

Posted on 21-01-2018 13:48 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Simple, cars are larger and heavier than a motorcycle, simple to figure who will come off second best.

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