China warning for councillors

Falun Gong practitioners in china are subject to forced live organ harvesting, city councillors heard. Photo: Supplied.

City councillor Rick Curach has been advised to inquire about organ transplants next time he visits Tauranga's sister city Yantai in China.

Rick was asking Judy Shakespear for advice in terms of how councillors should engage with the sister city relationship, in the light of her warning to councillors about forced organ harvesting from Chinese dissidents.

'When you go to Yantai maybe you can pose as somebody who wants an organ,” says Judy.

'You can go to any hospital nearby and they will gladly show you their facilities, which are unbelievably upmarket. Right up to the minute with technology and everything.

'Or if you say you know somebody who wants an organ and you are just making enquiries on their behalf. They will give you all the information you require. They advertise this on websites.”

Judy warned Tauranga City councillors about forced live organ harvesting being undertaken by the Chinese Communist Party, during the public forum at the December 19 council meeting.

'The regime is carrying out genocide as we speak,” says Judy. 'Forced live organ harvesting from Christians, Tibetans, the Uighur people and in significant numbers, the practitioners of Falun Gong.

'This is going on in military and other public hospitals in China in a huge scale.”

Falun Gong or Falun Dafa, is a spiritual discipline with Buddhist and Taoist influences practiced by over 100 million people throughout the world. It was banned in 1999 by the communist regime and severe persecution followed on a massive scale, says Judy. Her Chinese daughter-in-law's family are Falun Gong practitioners.

'She was in the US when the crack-down occurred. Her father messaged his wife still in Beijing: 'Get your passport in order, pack your bag and don't tell anyone'.”

The facts supporting the allegations of genocide have been explored over the years since with books and videos now available online, says Judy.

One china analyst who has been investigating forced organ harvesting for more than 10 years has written a book called The Slaughter, which is available in Tauranga City Libraries.

She took along copies and provided links to Medical Genocide which provides some of the numbers involved in the practice.

She also recommended to councillors Professor Anne-Marie Brady's report "Magical weapons: China's political influence activities under Xi Jinping" released in September last year which focusses on the People's Republic of China's efforts to guide, buy or coerce political influence in New Zealand and other countries.

Professor Brady is Associate Professor in Political Science at the University of Canterbury, a Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington DC and a Senior Fellow at the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham.

Professor Brady's report is an eye-opener and a clarion call to action, says Judy. The Australian government is investigating the interference of the Chinese Communist Party in their affairs says Judy.

'It would be remiss to think such interference is not happening here. When they come for trade or business, we must be vigilant and remember our democratic principles and not be fooled.”

Judy is listed on the Falun Dafa NZ website as the Tauranga contact.

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another rort

Posted on 11-01-2018 11:23 | By Captain Sensible

There is no need for this "sister-city" rort where TCC & Yantai councillors get free trips at ratepayers expense. Do what you "need" to do on the phone or with this new invention we call 'the internet'.

agree with Captian Sensible

Posted on 11-01-2018 16:49 | By old trucker

You are so right, there is NO NEED for this you can do all this over computer, and save us $$$$thousands my thoughts on this only, (is) send all the TCC ( Mayors lackies)) and (CONS)ultants, and have their HEART taken out as they dont have one here, to look after us,and by the way how many are going at our cost, (they the councillors) should pay their own way,anyway SUNLIVEyou are the very BEST for NEWS, and WON the same, AWESOME,Thankyou,10-4 out. phew.

Wrong organs.

Posted on 11-01-2018 21:05 | By kellbell

Next time any TCC EM sets foot in Yantai suggest they make enquiries about fiscal brain transplants they are certainly worthy candidates and could well do with them.FGS

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