Water restrictions still in place

A sprinker ban is still in place in Tauranga, despite rain earlier this week.

Despite rainfall earlier this week Tauranga's water restrictions remain unchanged, says the Tauranga City Council.

All residential sprinklers are currently banned, as well as hosing of concrete or paved surfaces such as paths and driveways.  Careful watering by hand is permitted between 5-8am, and 7-10pm. 

City waters manager Steve Burton says his team was closely monitoring the situation.

“I'd like to thank all water users in the city for their efforts to conserve water and for observing the current water restrictions. 

“Even though we've had some rain lately, it's important to realise that rain doesn't top up the amount of drinking water we have in our reservoirs. It just means that for a short time, people stop using as much water as they usually would during the hot weather, particularly trying to keep their gardens green.”

Steve says it is difficult to predict future water use. 

“We can't say at this stage when water restrictions are likely to end. We're still in the early weeks of summer and have a long, dry season ahead of us, so we all need to continue to be mindful of our water use.”  

A range of methods are being used around the city to ensure the community is aware of water restrictions, including posters, billboards on arterial routes, electronic message boards, social media, and radio and newspaper advertising. 

Council staff are in direct contact with major water users.

To report water leaks or breaches of water restrictions, phone 07 577 7000.

For more information visit www.tauranga.govt.nz/water-restrictions 



Posted on 30-12-2017 13:14 | By groutby

...very probably not, I am guessing a major reason for issuing this 'ban' is so that the event can go ahead (to the advantage of the owners...TCC/Bay Venues..) and not suffer consequences and resulting criticism down the track....


Posted on 30-12-2017 10:54 | By Chookymac

Good one Loopy101 Nah they are going to truck in salt water.Yeah right


Posted on 29-12-2017 21:16 | By maildrop

Too right. You'd think with the shutdown of all the businesses for 4 weeks there would be plenty in the tank. Pure bull****.

poor attempt at owning up

Posted on 29-12-2017 20:15 | By shapes

Wasting more tax payer/rates money with signs, notice boards, media advertising only to inform us they've done a poor job planning for our city. Stop fluffing around and get to working on a solution. Don't need 1 more minute of "it's a hot summer" "hard to gauge watet usage". More people use more water and pay more rates. What is it with councils and their excuses.


Posted on 29-12-2017 18:10 | By overit

go without water so the hoards of tourists can have their holidays here. Showers, sand washing off taps/showers, etc. Yeah right.


Posted on 29-12-2017 13:46 | By Loopy101

So Im guessing the jetboats will be canceled?

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