More than three good things

Trinity Roots.

They say good things come in threes.  I don’t know why.

It’s just as likely that bad, or even indifferent things would come in threes, unless it’s a throwback to the times when everything referred to the Holy Trinity.

If that seems unlikely or exaggerated, let’s not forget there was once a time when the Christian church banned all music played in 4:4 time (which includes most modern music) because it was considered impure. The only “pure” time signature was 3:4 (waltz time) because the three represented the Trinity.

Strange but true.

And, dammit, I already seem to be off on a tangent. Let’s start again. They say good things come in threes, so this week I have various threes that might be of interest over the coming days.

I should mention, of course, that no inducement whatsoever has been received to mention these places/events/things, but anyone wishing for future consideration should deposit bit-coins directly into the Watusi Country Club account.

Three new places to eat

1) Bamboo: This new spot on Maunganui Road, close to Burger King, offers pan-Asian sharing plates and a wide variety of summer-themed cocktails from Wellington restaurateur Matt Yardley. Hip, fresh and perfect for The Mount.

2) The Cider Factorie: Cider seems a natural fit for the Bay (I mean apple cider of course, not those sweetened fruit abominations) and Te Puna’s Cider Factorie make a few, particularly in drier English styles. Sharing plates and platters range from vegetarian and gluten-free to solidly meaty and complement the lovely sea views.

3) Ramen Chidori Japanese Noodle Restaurant: Tauranga is finally coming of age with its own Ramen restaurant. It’s small and sweet and just opposite Farmers. Great soup stocks, fresh noodles and daily-made dumplings. Yum!

Three New Year’s Eve gigs

Despite the council doing all they can to bury the New Year’s celebration in the Bay, there are still a few places where you can have fun and make a  bit of noise. Try these:

1) Trinity Roots at the Papamoa Tavern. At the newly-reincarnated tavern, things kick off at 5pm with beats from DJs Ayesha and Mr Bambolocat. Wellington’s Trinity Roots are a wonderful blend of reggae, funk and jazz and the whole shebang costs $45.

2) Swamp Thing at The Island Brewery. The powerhouse duo will be raising the roof at Papamoa’s Domain Road venue. The party starts at 7pm and there are limited $22 tickets available.

3) Spikey Tee at Astrolabe Brew Bar. If live music isn’t your bag, the notorious jungle house DJ and UK hip-hop pioneer and founding members of The Sindecut headlines a night of dancing and wild grooves.

Three films from 2017

1) The Handmaiden: South Korean erotic psychological thriller directed by Park Chan-wook (Lady Vengeance, Old Boy), adapted from the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. Previously made as a UK TV series, this version channels Hitchcock, Clouzot and even Greenaway. Gloriously twisty and twisted.

2) Blade Runner 2049: Many people hated this film. It is long, slow, thoughtful and also ambiguous. None of those things helped it find an audience, but Roger Deakins’ cinematography is stunningly beautiful and at least it attempts to reach for the profound.

3) Get Out: Racial satire? Comedy horror? A smart socio-political examination of so-called post-racial America that doesn’t really have an ending but revels in ideas and jolts both humorous and chilling.

A Christmas cocktail

To encourage only moderate drinking, and to continue with the annual tradition, I’ll keep it to a single Christmas cocktail. This one’s quick and easy and a bit of a classic.

1) Gin Bramble: add the following to ice in a cocktail shaker – 45ml gin, 30ml fresh lemon juice, 15ml sugar syrup (50/50 - sugar/water). Shake well, strain into an ice-filled old fashioned glass. Pour over 15ml Crème de Cassis or Crème de Mure. The former is blackcurrant, the latter blackberry. Both are delicious. Enjoy!


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