Drought does cause problems

D Hardie (The Weekend Sun, December 15) makes claims and half-truths he cannot substantiate. Fact: Brisbane, Queensland and most of Australia has the Equator on its back doorstep, a far cry from little old NZ that rests closer to the South Pole. Fact: farmers do not cope well in extreme weather conditions as the taxpayer is first on the scene to help out, as well we know. Fact: drought causes all sorts of problems like lack of water, can't grow crops, etc. as well as health problems such as heat stroke, skin cancers, etc. However, I do agree droughts are a fact of life just like rain, but sir, you miss the point completely and I guess you would be the first to whinge when you can't take a shower when you want, or buy the food you would like, nor water your garden, fill your pool etc. Prolonged droughts will be a problem in the future for all of us if these professors are right. Fact: tread with caution or move to Queensland.

R Stewart, Te Puke.


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