Ratepayer revolt

I agree wholeheartedly with K Evans, A Bourne and B Faulkner (The Weekend Sun, December 8) regarding the proposed museum for Tauranga. I also agree with R Paterson regarding the important things like roading, infrastructure, car parking, Turret Road etc. TCC has continued to make poor decisions, from the route K debacle and tidal steps, to continued loss of carparks both in the Tauranga CBD and Mount CBD. These same councilors then try to dream up ways of attracting people back to the CBD. I, for one, will not go where I can't reasonably expect to find free parking. Re: A Bourne's letter (The Weekend Sun, December 15). Perhaps instead of waiting for the election, those of us who disagree with TCC's spending history of ratepayer funds and future intentions can stage a ratepayer revolt. Let's see who, and how many ratepayers actually support a museum. That should sort fact from fiction.

A Forlong, Hairini.

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A Forlong....

Posted on 29-12-2017 21:24 | By groutby

......are you suggesting a....binding 'REFERENDUM'??...(instead maybe of a 'revolt")...good grief man that would mean the people expected to pay for it actually have a say if they want it or not !..are you insane?...:)

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