Not all NZers enamoured

Jim Bunny's open letter (page 2, The Weekend Sun, December 15) raises a couple of points worth investigating further.

The first is, I am sure there are many more than Don who are tired of the use of Maori on what is generally accepted as an English programme. It may be hard for some people to accept but not all New Zealanders are enamoured with te reo Maori, nor are some convinced that the millions of taxpayer dollars spent in trying to preserve the language is the best use of the money.

The second point is why would “an ocker” (Jim Bunny's word) use te reo Maori when reciting the oath of allegiance rather than English or NZ Sign Language which is also an official language. I can't help thinking she had an ulterior motive. Maybe I just have a suspicious mind.

P Burrell, Katikati.


Great example of the culturally hypnotised

Posted on 09-01-2018 13:33 | By crazyhorse

Waxo says, shame on me for being so down at the mouth to use one woman's wonderful celebration of becoming a New Zealander for "my" own exaggerated purposes, I'm not the one using one person to push my agenda, lol, one Ocker takes the allegiance and it's made national news, ask yourself why campers!.

@ crazyhorse

Posted on 06-01-2018 22:37 | By waxing

Well done crazyhorse. I never imagined even you could get more befuddled. I'm not aware of anyone seeking that the oath of allegiance has to be sworn in Maori (but don't let that stop you pushing your crazy "facts"). If you attended a citizenship ceremony, you would hear people swearing allegiance in both languages so you would know what she was saying. And shame on you for being so down at the mouth to use one woman's wonderful celebration of becoming a New Zealander for your own exaggerated purposes.

“an ocker”

Posted on 05-01-2018 14:48 | By crazyhorse

I think you refer to people like this woman as useful idiots, you have to wonder eh, one culturally hypnotised Auzzie wants to use te reo Maori when reciting the oath of allegiance and that immediately makes it standard, any excuse to push the agenda, sad and embarrassing, how many people would understand her?, I mean exactly how many, not the treaty troughers numbers.maybe there needs to be another ""grant"" to teach immigrants te reo, I mean you need to "force" it on everyone, got to be fair and share it around.

Why so precious?

Posted on 01-01-2018 17:33 | By waxing

The use of Maori language on National Radio lasts on each instance no more than 7 seconds and on average less than 3 seconds each time. For goodness sake, can't you close your ears for such a short time? I suspect you already are since you are not hearing the rich vowels etc that make Maori such a beautiful language to listen to. And if you don't know what it means, then find out. The reporters' sign-offs are easy to understand even without investigation. And why would you challenge an immigrant who makes such a genuine effort to celebrate being a New Zealander? Your suspicious mind is indeed suspicious in its motive.

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