Increased water usage sees bans imposed

Sprinkler ban sarts tomorrow. Phoot: Supplied.


Water restrictions will be put in place in Tauranga from 9am tomorrow following record water use in the early weeks of summer.  

Tauranga City Council City Waters Manager Steve Burton says all residential sprinklers would be banned, as well as hosing of concrete or paved surfaces such as paths and driveways.  

Careful watering by hand is still permitted between 5am and 8am, and 7pm and 10pm.  

“Although we’re still in the early weeks of summer, the early onset of hot, dry weather, combined with our growing population, means that our water supplies are under increasing pressure,” says Steve.  

“Demand for water has increased to a level that means we must impose water restrictions. These restrictions aim to reduce water consumption so that we can delay, or avoid altogether, the need for more stringent restrictions later.”  

Steve says recent summery weather had caused a noticeable jump in water use in Tauranga and that was unusual to see water usage peak so early in the season.  

“Over the past two weeks, the city’s water use has increased by more than 10 per cent from about 46 to 51 million litres, and is up by about 10 million litres from the same time last year.  

“While it is tempting to turn on the sprinklers and rush to fill up our pools, it’s essential we all play our part to conserve water now so we will all be better off in the long run.” 

Steve says planning for a new water supply is underway.  

The Waiāri Water Supply Scheme was designed to help meet the future water supply needs of Tauranga and the wider Western Bay of Plenty.

Construction would start in 2018 and was expected to be completed in 2021.  

To report water leaks or breaches of water restrictions, phone 577 7000.   For more information, visit


There's more to this......

Posted on 17-12-2017 13:52 | By groutby

.....I reckon, even though we have had a dry spell, the reserves should (I say should) be at expected levels. What is causing comments by TCC (in this case Steve Burton) surely is the ’expected’ use over the summer months, along with the growth in permanent population. Guess what?...BOTH are predictable and as our servants TCC should have been planning for this when issuing housing and other permits for the well grown population growth, rather than counting up the $$ rates income and planning on silly money consuming ’nice to haves’...infrastructure is suffering here guys and you at the TCC do not seem to recognise it...furthermore, rather than the ’big stick’ approach, a ’BAN’ about initially at least requesting we reduce usage. As adults we can see for ourselves the necessity or response to this is ’get stuffed !!’....

@ maildrop

Posted on 16-12-2017 17:02 | By Told you

Well said sir,may your veggies grow up big and strong.

Here we go again

Posted on 16-12-2017 09:37 | By Zara

I guess the new museum will have a sprinkler in it to remind us of our choice to have a museum not a decent water supply...

golly gosh

Posted on 16-12-2017 06:02 | By old trucker

I know of 2 homes with 10,000 litres of water each, (swimming pools) gosh we pay for what we use, we have 2million acres of water, its called the SEA and its free,why cant TCC charge double for pools, it is UNFAIR to tell us to use less or ban us when we have METERS , if they DID NOT SPEND $Hundreds of millions $$$$$ on all their WANTS (BAUBLES) we should have plenty of water storage,its like auckland running out of fuel, (pipeline), NOW they want you to report breaches, we DID NOT WANT Water meters ,BUT they still put them in,now they want us to slow down and conserve water, sit on it TCC, my thoughts are get RID OF 300 BLUDGERS OF STAFF,(or more) and we could get a new STORAGE TANK built,with the money from wages,Thankyou, No1 for News, 10-4 out. phew.


Posted on 15-12-2017 23:00 | By Capt_Kaveman

TCC infrastructure fail


Posted on 15-12-2017 21:11 | By Told you

We have more water than the Council is telling you.We pay for usage so why restrict us?Something doesnt add up are they going to oppose fines for water paid for.Get real you City fathers.

Utter crap

Posted on 15-12-2017 20:33 | By maildrop

User pays. Some households have a washing machine on every day and multiple bath/shower users. The construction industry is taking heaps. My veggies are my babies. I will bath them every day thanks. Shove off.

Are Jet Sprints at Risk?

Posted on 15-12-2017 18:27 | By Murray.Guy

The Enzed 2018 Jetsprints Stadium Cup has been confirmed for Baypark Stadium on January 27 which hopefully will NOT be affected by this water shortage.

Stop building more houses!

Posted on 15-12-2017 16:04 | By Loopy101

How about stop building all these new houses and developments until our water systems can handle it, Im sure as heck not turning off my sprinklers.

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