Tauranga transport travesties

Criticism of a proposed rates increase of around 14 per cent claimed to meet so-called burgeoning growth etc. is caused by big spending on unnecessary ‘nice-to-haves' and neglecting infrastructure. Debt and rates never lie, so elected members and TCC bureaucrats need replacing by local government commissioners appointed to run the show.

Tauranga's major infrastructure concerns relate to roading, traffic and parking – transport issues where TCC and NZTA have failed residents. NZTA is taking over three years on the Welcome Bay underpass. TCC has failed to address the Turret Road/Hairini Bridge widening. Some councillors at the 2017 elections stated this was the No.1 priority. Moving on, the SH2 upgrade in the Maungatapu Bridge location has taken all year, which is scandalous, and NZTA still neglects to address Elizabeth Street/Takitumu Drive.

Currently, narrow lanes disrupt SH2 at Bayfair which is something to behold. Simply move barriers back a metre and there would still be plenty of operating room and minimal traffic disruption.

The Route K debacle is coming back to haunt council with Turret Road etc. and remember, the majority (seven) of current elected members on council made that call, as would the other three newbies.

As for the cost and delays with the $9 million Te Puna SH2 roundabout, this is appalling and TCC is now embarking on decimating parking at the Mount Phoenix carpark.

R Paterson, Matapihi.

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Deep cause for concern

Posted on 09-12-2017 17:10 | By MISS ADVENTURE

The raft of serious issues, the below cellar level and quality fo decisions made and the creative excuses created in COuncil about the need to spend and borrow go beyond belief into the dreamworld and beyond. The Councils own creative is the issue, teh focus on no infrastructure items al over the place then bleating about no money ... not enough rates ... need borrow for essentials. The list of stuff non-infrastruture is mind blowing huge. If Councillors had a clue, then stood up and said so then COuncil and its staff would then know there was a boundary, that is yet to happen. Hence the crazy and silly spend, borrow, rates increases cycle will continue unabated!

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