Needs vs. wants

Something drastic has to be done about rates.

Why should a house worth a million be rated higher than a house at $500,000? Surely how many people use the services is what counts. A $500,000 house could have six people flushing toilets etc. while the million dollar house may only have two people living in it. A million dollar house may only have two cars using the roads. Have a look at how many cars are parked in driveways and lawns in lower-cost houses.

In England, a rate rise of 13 per cent would not be allowed. If a council wants to go above 2.9 per cent then they need to have a referendum which can cost £600,000 so they dare not risk it. While councils really do need more money to carry out their statutory duties they must put the brakes on somehow. 

Councils must learn to deal with what we NEED not what they WANT, like a museum. We cannot afford a museum so we shouldn't even consider it. If a council has to borrow to the extent they do in NZ then something is drastically wrong.

Auckland has borrowed so much they can no longer borrow more. They are at the limit, which must be some relief to Aucklanders.

A Bourne, Bethlehem.


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