Who want a museum?

I raise this question as Tauranga City councillors barge ahead, without asking us, if we are agreeable to paying between $100-120 million for a museum.

They say they asked 100 people! We number 100,000 who will have to pay the cost. There are far more pressing needs in this city than a museum with marae attached.

For instance, the most pressing need is to get rid of the ‘person' who thinks by not developing adequate roads in our city we will all ride bikes. Please fire ‘it'.

We demand a binding referenda on the Issues of a $5 million visitor centre, a $100 million museum, destruction of our library and civic building and the $50 million new library. And we demand adequate roads and systems so this city can function efficiently and smoothly.

Councillors, get your heads on and focus on the real needs of Tauranga.

K Evans, Tauranga.


I want a Museum

Posted on 10-12-2017 14:53 | By waxing

Tauranga and environs have been the place of many events key to NZ's history. Of course we should have a museum to focus on them. I suspect much of the opposition comes from people not knowing or not wanting others to know our history. They seem content just for us to know about English kings and queens. Anyway, it's costing us $1 million a year just to store what we already have for a museum. How many years at $1 million per year is it already costing us?

I Want a Museum

Posted on 09-12-2017 08:36 | By socantor01

What unenlightened backwards thinking. Look at the wonderful Hamilton museum as a great way to display historic objects. The place is always full whenever I go there. It is in the centre of town, in the main street.It is this sort of thinking that has always kept Hamilton at least three steps ahead of Tauranga.

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