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The average lethargic Kiwi should be grateful to Sir Bill Gallagher and for his speech to the Waikato institute of Directors as reported in the press. A little research can quickly verify his claims. At last the media has seen fit to publish his claims; claims that echo the concerns of a multitude of New Zealanders relating to the Treaty and the successive governments' revisions that have seen rather dubious interpretations enshrined in law. Alterations to national statutes, regulations and legislation, including the Treaty, have seen Maori, 15 per cent of our population, gain preferences and inordinate powers. Sir Bill voiced concerns that the media have been reluctant to publish previously. Historically-validated articles of many contentious issues, and letters contesting ethnically-contrived amendments have been ignored. This letter, lacking the newsworthiness of Sir Bill's speech, will doubtlessly be consigned to a PC editor's dustbin.

B Johnson, Omokoroa.


Usual rubbish Captain Sensible

Posted on 06-12-2017 15:41 | By waxing

No I don't think that pakeha vote on the basis of skin colour. And while it may suit your arguments to allege that I do, you are again wrong. And your arguments are as repetitiously tired and boring as B Johnson's. Clearly you have yet to learn Sir William Gallagher's lesson about doing some proper research.

@ waxing

Posted on 06-12-2017 12:29 | By Captain Sensible

Are you so out of touch to believe that white NZ'ers only vote for candidates on the basis of their skin colour? I think the vast majority vote on what is the best policy....or not. Obviously you vote on skin colour. Shame on you. And , of all the minorities in NZ....amputees, left handers, muslims, flat earthers etc, why are only maori allowed to have a special dispensation to bypass democracy?

A bit hasty perhaps....

Posted on 04-12-2017 10:11 | By groutby

...well two things really, Sir William's address did seem a little "left of field" for the occasion somewhat, and, the comment from waxing in regard to the apology. It is worth noting what he said was..." I also need to seek more research and understanding on this topic from various viewpoints."..which for me was certainly pulling back on comments made and certainly the way he said them by the sounds, as for the content, we will probably never really know due to the "PC" nature of such issues.


Posted on 03-12-2017 14:43 | By waxing

What a load of typical rubbish from you B Johnson. The media has constantly given wide coverage to the matters you raise, with Don Brash's and the Hobson's Pledge claims in particular. And B Johnson gets virtually a letter a week published to the extent that his known views on everything are now boring. But most importantly, Sir William has now apologised for his comments, noting that after further research he has changed his views. Perhaps B Johnson should do the same.

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