Moment of truth

On November 21 I had to take part in the debate on the issue of Maori wards for the Western Bay of Plenty Council. I voted not to introduce Maori wards and now, for me, it is the moment of truth. Unfortunately iwi have decided they are a victim of circumstance. It allows them to blame other people; lets them blame circumstance; permits them to avoid responsibility for their lives; encourages them to feel sorry for themselves, and guarantees they will stay a victim for financial gain. Ethic-based tribal politics has to stop.

Instead of opening business and being part of commerce, iwi has come to rely on patronage as payback as a means of advancing unqualified grievances and compensation. It stifles innovation and fractures the fabric of our society.

Instead of unifying the country it divides Kiwi from iwi and councillors of Western Bay (but not all) are part of the crime, as is central government.

The process was flawed by Western Bay Council. The public and ratepayers had no say on who will foot the bill. In two years' time I have to front up to the people in Te Puke who voted for me.

They will let me know if I got it wrong and I hope I have not let you down.

Cr M Lally, Te Puke-Maketu (Abridged).


Do your homework Cr Lally

Posted on 03-12-2017 14:54 | By waxing

Cr Lally's emotional generalisations should go through the fact checker. Since he is so concerned about adequately representing Te Puke and Maketu, perhaps he would like to investigate the local Maori Business Association, Maori Women's Development Inc etc etc. Has he talked with the Regional Council about the initiatives involving them? When did he last consult with iwi and hapu in his area and visit marae for talks? Or is it easier to behave like a Trump politician?

We Want it, but!

Posted on 01-12-2017 14:53 | By crazyhorse

"Part maori" will take everything but responsibility, I hear a lot of the other councillors felt the same as Cr M Lally but lacked the intestinal fortitude to back him no guts they just rolled over, wonder if they ever thought of the people who voted them in or are they just like the people we are talking about, scared of losing their "meal ticket".

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