Free Wi-Fi on Bayhopper buses

Jessica Locke. Photo: Supplied.

What do Donald Trump's tweets, council plans and online shopping have in common?

You'll soon be able to check out all of them for free while riding the bus in the Western Bay, thanks to a trial of free Wi-Fi on several Bayhopper buses.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is trialling the free Wi-Fi service on six Bayhopper urban buses and if successful the free internet access could be offered across all services.

Public Transport Committee chair Lyall Thurston says enhancing the on-board experience and convenience is a priority for BOPRC, with free Wi-Fi one of the most requested improvements.  

“We will run the trial for three months on six Bayhopper buses. This will allow us to gain insights on customer use and the quality and reliability of the Wi-Fi when buses are moving around the city.”

“A short survey will take place after the three-month trial starts so BOPRC can gain feedback from customers. If it proves successful it will be rolled out across all Bayhopper services,” says Lyall.

“We currently have free Wi-Fi available on two regional services - Route 80 Katikati and Route 221 Te Puke. This was introduced earlier this year and is now offered permanently on these services,” says Councillor Thurston.

Buses with free Wi-Fi access will have a Wi-Fi sticker on the outside of the bus door, with information on board giving users simple log in instructions.

“Customers won't need to register or set up an account – they just tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and then they are good to go.”

To ensure everyone using the Bayhopper service enjoys a good quality connection, Wi-Fi access will be limited to one device and 40MB per day (24 hours) for each customer.

Regional council is also investigating trialing the same system in Rotorua.


I'm sure TCC

Posted on 27-11-2017 08:45 | By simple.really

will undertake due diligence showing the bus patronage before the wi fi, the cost of the wi fi to the ratepayers, and the bus patronage during the wi fi trial. Obviously if it doesn't increase bus patronage they won't continue after the trial. Right? As I'm paying for it, I want value for money spent, and some transparency of figures please.

Yes but

Posted on 26-11-2017 21:34 | By Sg1nz

Any idea how much lower rates bills would be in the bay had the same levels of public transport up take as other areas. Millions have to be spent continuing to expand traffic networks, and what about the $20m car park. $20m buys a lot of wifi, that is probably costing about $600 to trial, that or free.

lunacy with someone else's money

Posted on 26-11-2017 12:58 | By Captain Sensible

I totally agree with rastus. Why not give free tea & coffee and some light snacks to all bus users? In fact why not pay people to use the buses? When will this lunacy (with someone else's money) end?

Spot on

Posted on 26-11-2017 12:29 | By maildrop

Comments below. Jeez, use your own wifi or make do without, for what,10 minutes. Why not go further as long as it's subsidised by somebody else. Can't wait for the onboard drinks service, movies and flat bed seating. Absolute corruption. People should be in court over this. Communism is alive and well.

Did I miss something ??

Posted on 25-11-2017 21:08 | By The Caveman

NOTHING is FREE. Somebody is paying for the WiFi on the buses. WHO is it, I suspect it's the passengers via their fares - and passengers those that don't want, OR "need" WiFi are subsidising those that THINK they need it. All those smartphone users can get a data plan with WiFI. WHY should the "I doin't want it OR need it" pay for it via INCREASED fares???

Wi-Fi on buses

Posted on 25-11-2017 15:38 | By Val.M

This sounds good, as long as people who want to listen to music etc use gadgets so that only they hear it! Otherwise several people using it at the same time would spoil a relaxing bus journey for everyone else!


Posted on 25-11-2017 15:01 | By rastus

Is it not amazing how people can throw others money about and even boast about it - Bayhopper buses would not run if it were not for the deep pockets of ratepayers - so now the elite administration is giving your money to those who choose to use these already highly subsidized services. There is no doubt in my mind that these elite do live in a different world - someone needs to advise the CEOs of these out of control operations that other than charity, there is no such thing as a free anything - you give to the passengers and you are physically robbing the other ratepayers - its not on and in another world you would be prosecuted for theft!

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