Tough love

I've offered my services to Jacinda Ardern re the Mental Health Commission she's setting up.

I think I'll be able to sort out 90 per cent of the so-called ‘mental health problems' in New Zealand.

It's called tough love, or ‘get a life'. Some of my solutions are as follows: throw away your cell phone; get off your tablet; remove your earplugs; open your eyes; get outa bed; get washed; eat some proper food; get off prescription tabs, marijuana, cocaine, P and any other foreign substances; quit watching American sitcom crap on TV; get some real friends as opposed to virtual ones; take a jog/walk around the park every day; lose some weight; get plenty of sleep; wear boxing gloves to bed; get a job; stop moaning and groaning; develop a positive attitude; have a nice day, every day.

PS: None of the above require any taxpayer money. I'm not holding my breath! The above solutions will go down like a lead balloon, I bet. No one wants to know.

P Kelly, Te Puna.


I could not have put it better !

Posted on 10-11-2017 23:05 | By The Caveman

In simple terms wake up, get a real life - WE the taxpayers DO NOT owe you a lifestyle paid for by our tax dollars..................

P Kelly, amen to that...!!

Posted on 10-11-2017 15:29 | By groutby

and brush your teeth twice daily.......nuf said really, the trick tho is to work out the few who genuinely need help, and to get the majority of parents 'on board' with the desire and ability to do the right thing by their offspring, after all, it IS their responsibility..NOT the states....


Posted on 10-11-2017 12:42 | By Captain Sensible

.............and buy an alarm clock.

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