Council seeking info on tyre dumpers

These tyres turned up in Loop Road Te Puna this week. Photo: Supplied.

Roadside tyre dumpers are active in rural Western Bay of Plenty, and they are upsetting residents who find the unwelcome gifts of a trailer load of used tyres.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is encouraging anyone witnessing rural tyre dumping to dob them in – take the vehicle registration number and a description of the driver if possible and call the council.

Picking up the tyres is an additional cost, ultimately to ratepayers, says Environmental Solid Waste Team Leader Ilze Kruis.

“Three piles of tyres illegally dumped in the Te Puna area during the last two weeks resulted in more than 50 tyres having to be collected on three separate occasions. Council pays per tyre for collection and transport to the landfill,” says Ilze.

If anyone sees or hears unusual activity at night – or has any information about where these tyres are coming from, please don't hesitate to call Council on 0800 926 732.

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council has received complaints from rural residents about piles of tyres dumped on the roadside verge of their properties.

The activity appears to take place overnight and is usually a trailer-load or ute-load.


We aint seen nuthin yet (sic)

Posted on 20-10-2017 11:59 | By Papamoaner

I agree, but This is only the beginning. Tyres will be the least of our worries once exhausted electric car batteries start piling up. Lithium is a much nastier pollutant than tyre rubber, and there is a limit to the number of recharges before replacement is necessary - a rort driven by vested interest that nobody wants to talk about. Nobody wants to talk about flywheel drive either. Flywheels never wear out and can be recharged in similar manner to batteries, including during braking or going downhill. Proven technology, been around for over a century now. Small flywheel engines are even used in aerospace applications and were pioneered by Orerlikon of Switzerland for driving city buses. Not sure when - maybe around 1920's. KISS! (keep it short and simple). Yes, tyres are a problem, but will soon be dwarfed.


Posted on 20-10-2017 10:58 | By CC8

Why is the council putting them in the landfill? Same reason they are being DUMPED, because the purveyors of new tires are charging extravagant prices, by time the importer sells to a wholesaler and the wholesaler sells to a distributor and the distributor sells to a tireshop who then retails the tires the price has quadrupled in price.For example a tie which can be bought retail in the USA for US $129 , retails for over NZ$700 in Tauranga AND the tire shop charges a disposal fee for the old tire. The choice is pay the fee and the tires stack up behind the tire shop waiting for a recycler to pick them up or take your own cases away and deal with them. unscroupulous people are taking trailer/truck loads of tires away from tire shops ( and being paid to recyclethem)

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