Farmers delight

Farmers' (Elizabeth Properties) proposed redevelopment of its city site looks really good from the concept plans, and this project by successful family interests that are good operators is laudable. The 320 parking spaces seems adequate, unlike most of other recent developments in Tauranga City where it is left to the biased developers to decide what parking is required, with resultant huge shortfalls in CBD parking.

Just a tip if I was a developer, I would stay well clear of Heart of the City, TCC, Priority One, Maori interests and other tagalongs who will probably snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

One thing this development will do is to move the CBD centre from Red Square and Willow St up to Elizabeth St. The mix of Farmers, retail shops, cafes and upmarket residential high-rise apartments, with adequate on-site plus weekend and night parking next to a public carpark looks like a winner. Well done Farmers, I would certainly shop in that environment.

Cr Baldock, as usual, waxes lyrical as if the project has something to do with council. It doesn't, so just stick with councillors' inane $200 million spend-up of TCC ratepayers' money on the white elephants. The last thing good private enterprise initiatives need is the kiss of death from councillors.

S Paterson, Arataki.

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Posted on 20-10-2017 09:45 | By ROCCO

The other plus is that this development will be built on high ground not on liquifaction tsunami prone reclaimed land where the Council bozos are sinking $200m+ of TCC ratepayers money into.Oh yes and adequate parking is being provided.That really says it all I guess.

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