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Many will be eyeing the living wage concept, which is very overdue. If the low-paid worker tries to get ahead with a second job, out comes secondary tax to dampen their efforts, and in the end the taxpayer has to subsidise the employer – great system.

Many companies or individuals have ways to promote their product, reach out into the community, spread a few crumbs to help a charity, join a club, attend a church as long as the message gets out. When asked about the concept of a living wage, the Mayor said some of our ratepayers do not get a living wage. Some time ago before he became a councillor, Max Mason and I had a few words about rest home workers. I mentioned the fact that he would not do their job for $100 an hour. So the statement from the Mayor has an easy fix: pay the living wage. Why is it so difficult for some to understand that the man who picks up your rubbish needs to live and raise a family? The house could be a problem; he would have to study for a degree in his spare time. Just imagine what would happen if he stopped picking up your garbage for a month. How many volunteers from the professionals would we get?  

R Chamberlain, Otumoetai (Abridged).



Posted on 22-10-2017 12:04 | By groutby

....what is the value of a 'living' wage?...your value? value? opinion from 'down the road with no/several children?..homeowner..non homeowner?..student/millionaire?..who exactly?. the 'living' wage value is totally variable (in my opinion) You could place a figure on it to suit almost anyone's opinion/needs/wants, many of us are more than prepared to work hard, up skill if necessary and strive for better wages, truly deserved, others happy with their 'lot' and the lifestyle they have, fair enough, then we have those who will forever hold their hands out expectantly..'you owe us'..for what? aren't contributing..anything. which is why any figure given is near guesswork by those 'in charge' to quantify a 'living' wage. Private industry are able to pay more if they want...a public organisation not so much, if R Chamberlain is referring specifically to public organisations, I need to see improvement in service/productivity, it 'aint going to happen is it?

Only if rate payers and tax payers are not the ones to pay

Posted on 13-10-2017 16:33 | By Captain Sensible

If a private company wants to pay the living wage, then fine. But the govt and councils have no right to pay the living wage when people who are fleeced for tax and rates are the ones who will be paying. The living wage is also unfair because people who have studied and worked hard to be above the living wage have their relativity cut.

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