Welcome Bay motorists stuck in traffic

In his editorial of August 4 the editor of The Weekend Sun wrote about Tauranga's traffic woes, rightly commenting that “development [had been] allowed to race ahead of roading development” in Welcome Bay. During his 12-year tenure as Mayor of Tauranga Mr Crosby expressly rejected the suggestion that development in Welcome Bay should be restricted until such time as the appropriate infrastructure was put in place. As a result, motorists from Welcome Bay and surrounding areas have found, and continue to find, themselves in traffic jams, which cost them large amounts of time and money, which contribute hugely to Tauranga City's pollution and which sometimes hinder the ambulances trying to help the unfortunate. I am not sure how guilty I am supposed to feel about using my car, when Mr Crosby, a major contributor to what the editor accurately described as the "Welcome Bay debacle”, is rewarded with the position of Regional Council regional transport committee chairman; and when Cr Morris points the finger of responsibility for Tauranga's pollution at cars and motorists without also mentioning the failures of local government. 

R Rimmer, Welcome Bay.

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Thats accurate

Posted on 13-10-2017 11:12 | By MISS ADVENTURE

But as usual Councillors (feed the usual garbage - not recylced but carefully contrived) and the likes drivel on endlessly about lovely stuff but gloss over teh reality. Fact: Councillors have stuffed up the plans for widening Turret/Causeway, they alone created the scenario that now exists. Instead fo dealing with the good stuff they are in fact messing around with grand plans of a glass/ivory tower for themselves with all the trappings and luzury one good dream of. One can only hope that the aspirations will not reach the hieghts of former Mayor of Auckland.

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