Wheelie concerning behaviour on bikes

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says cycle safety is a matter of common sense.

Tauranga youngsters displaying delinquent and unsafe behaviour on bikes are placing themselves at the center of public and police attention.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says ‘countless' numbers of complaints have been voiced by concerned members of public in recent weeks.

He says the behaviour displayed by these young people is becoming an increasing road safety concern.

“Anyone that rides without a helmet is a safety concern to us, but a lot of the antics these young people are getting up to involve pulling wheelies, riding on the wrong side of the road, riding into oncoming traffic and generally disregarding any safety rules about the use of bicycles on roads.

“It is a concern to police, and those riders can be expected to be spoken to by police and explained their behaviour.

“There are a number of options to us in terms of having a robust discussion in the communication between us and these young people and outlining the safety issues concerning their behaviour,” says Ian.

“It can go further to delivering young people back home and explaining to parents that what risky behaviour they've been up to and further down the continuum is an option for police to issue an infringement notice.”

He says safety comes down to being sensible.

“Use your common sense,” says Ian. “If you fall off a bicycle, bang your head on the road, then you're likely to end up with brain injury or worse.

“There's a reason for the legislation, it has been brought in to protect cyclists, but also the delinquent-type behaviour with people doing wheelies on their bikes and riding down the road the wrong way is simply high-risk behaviour and we can't tolerate that.”


So Papamoaner

Posted on 26-10-2017 16:28 | By Kenworthlogger

The reason according to you why the police are so fixated on giving everyone 4km over the speed limit a ticket is because someone complained.... keep smoking it mate.


Posted on 08-10-2017 08:42 | By Papamoaner

No point blaming police for just doing their job. They would have been active in the area following a complaint. They often don't have much choice apart from exercising some discretionary power. It's the complainers that cause it all. The small minded locals. They are the ones you should criticise.

@ The Caveman

Posted on 06-10-2017 17:07 | By GreertonCynic

Yeah mate. Also a blitz on Hewletts Rd red light runners and bus lane hogs would be a great revenue raiser. But they'll keep hammering the people going 106 on the new expressway 'cause it's just so much easier.

Letting kids be kids

Posted on 06-10-2017 08:56 | By Angels

Like when we were all growing up , we all did this as did the COPS. Lets get real, let the young enjoy life and its wonders. The Nz police want us all to live in a perfect box that no one does anything so they don,t have to work. They stop concerts,etc etc. the youth are being punished by overly stupid police antics.


Posted on 05-10-2017 22:27 | By The Caveman

Kids on bikes is this weeks "special" for the coppers - sorry fellas - no money there !!!. How about a blitz for two/three weeks (not just a day) on red light runners at Fraser Street/15th Avenue?? And at the same time at the same intersection how about a two/three week BLITZ on cell phone users ??? YOU would not be able to write the tickets fast enough - the cars/drivers lined up for the tickets would cause MAJOR traffic jams................OH sorry, not enough coppers available to really get stuck into the real traffic/driver problems - NAH speeding tickets are the REAL thing...................................

To all the people wondering what's wrong...

Posted on 05-10-2017 22:13 | By Tgaboy

I've seen these guys. No helmets pulling wheelies through the centre of roads with moving traffic, and between gridlocked cars. I spose this is fine but then one will be hit and he will drain your taxes through the health system due to his head injury. In the least one will come off and damage someone's vehicle. Then I'm guessing he will do a runner and not pay for the damage. Let's hope this doesn't happen to one of your cars cause I'm guessing then you might be pissed and see what the issue is.

A rider...

Posted on 05-10-2017 18:44 | By GreertonBoy

Who has the hang of doing wheelies can ride just as safely on one wheel as two... but they have to learn to do it.... if wheelies are 'banned' then how can they learn? I always thought that wheelies were what bicycles are for.... and seeing a wheelie well done is quite awe inspiring. Sure, there is a time and place and on the road is doubtfully a good idea. Lets hope no one gets caught on their unicycle....


Posted on 05-10-2017 16:59 | By GreertonCynic

I'm 48 and often pull wheelies on my mountainbike. Can't wait for a chat with that cop. And @Anarchy 289, my record is 13.

Haha - was once horses

Posted on 05-10-2017 16:40 | By Papamoaner

Beats cantering horses up and down the main street on a friday night I suppose. Parkinson's law of triviality, and guess who gets first prize for the silliest comment? Why, Misadventure of course, as expected.

Over the top?

Posted on 05-10-2017 15:16 | By dookie

Growing up in the mid 80s early 90's we all did this, survived and became decent people.. Bit over the top if you ask me. I'm sure those before can say something similar.

LOL Delinquent behavior

Posted on 05-10-2017 14:40 | By Chris

Hear that kids? Your wheelies are delinquent behaviour. Conform young kids, before it's too late. We should be bloody encouraging kids to ride, not admonishing them for having too much fun. Ridiculous.

Young and sensible?

Posted on 05-10-2017 14:25 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Often the gap is large and some ... definitely a parenting issue.


Posted on 05-10-2017 13:44 | By sherylread

Last night 9pm in the dark 3 kids with no helmets or lights wheelie-ing and unpredically cutting dangerously across dark roads with traffic on Cameron Road near hospital and side streets. It was scary driving on the road with them as was afraid I could have accidently hit them due to their antics, and knowing I would have been held accountable for hurting them.

Another phase

Posted on 05-10-2017 13:18 | By pnicky

Just like chatter rings and those stupid whips made from old sheets, this is a phase that will phase itself out. By the way, does anyone see new phase as coincidental with the amount of mountain bike theft in recent months?? Just saying.

Absolute PC Madness

Posted on 05-10-2017 12:50 | By Smilarkie

So I agree, they should have helmets on, but pulling a wheelie. It takes great skill to pull a good wheelie, and the longer the better. Most people would know that if they have been on a bike. We've all tried it. Its not as easy as it looks. Leave them alone if that's all that they are doing. What next, police patrolling kindergartens in case a kid does a skid on a trike.

worlds gone mad

Posted on 05-10-2017 11:33 | By Anarchy 289

what have we become when a kid cant do a wheelie on a bike anymore without it being called delinquent-type behaviour & high-risk ....... FFS common everyone's forgotten how they were young once.hell we measured how good ya were by the number of power-poles ya could wheelie past ....good times!

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