Rolling out posties' new wheels

The four-wheeled electric Paxster is New Zealand’s largest roadworthy electric vehicle fleet . Photo: Supplied.

Tauranga residents will be the first to witness New Zealand Post’s new electric delivery vehicles in operation, when driver training begins next week.

The four-wheeled vehicles will be used for the combined delivery of parcels and mail in residential areas of New Zealand’s larger towns and cities.

The rollout started last year, and the vehicles have now arrived in Tauranga.

“This is part of a national rollout of the electric vehicles and I’m proud that people in Tauranga will get to see them in their local communities,” says Tauranga area service delivery manager Trevor Grainger.

The vehicles can carry up to 200kg of parcels and mail but are still small enough to be used on the footpath.

“These vehicles are an investment in New Zealand Post’s future as we change the way we deliver to meet the growing demand for parcel deliveries,” says Trevor.

“They’re also helping us find new ways to reduce our carbon emissions of every parcel we deliver.”

“Previous trials and experience from using them in other locations have shown these vehicles are safe to use on the footpath. Our drivers receive safety training, and they will give way to all other footpath users,” says Trevor Grainger.

New Zealand Post has worked with the Tauranga City Council to gain approval to operate the vehicles on footpaths in residential areas, and will continue to keep in close contact with them.

The vehicles will not be used in main shopping areas because of the high number of pedestrians, and mail will be delivered by other modes of transport in these locations.



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No more games - answer on topic please. One unanswered question pending.

Childish nonsense?

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Posted on 03-09-2017 15:09 | By Papamoaner

Is there to be no end to this childish nonsense? That reads like an essay from a 14 year old schoolgirl with a snitch. Back on topic - have you found the Norwegian report yet? No? I’ll give you a clue - paper in support of Winner, 2013 international award for excellence in design, Oslo. Don’t worry, I would not try to make you eat humble pie (I’m not a bit like you). I would never rub your face in it by saying "told you so" (I’m not a bit like you). I would never cry out Nahnah nah nahnah like a teenager (I’m not a bit like you). In fact, if I take the piss at all, it’ll be for not having the courage to front up. (That’s the one you don’t like eh!)


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Do your own homework and you’ll find it. For the ATV’s you need not look far. Then you can compare the two data for yourself. Meanwhile, try to find the guts to debate this, or any other subject live, face to face like a man. But you always do a runner at the mere mention of it - funny that! The only reason I use a nom de plume on here is because I work contract as a consultant and it could cause problems for me - worlds apart from your reasons I suspect. I am interested and very passionate about all tech stuff. You are interested and very passionate about confrontation. As to tipping axis etc., do your own research and get back to me if you want to, otherwise bugger off. (edited).

Flip flop again

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Norwegian journal my eye. Good one. You simply regurgitated info from their website and now you admit it. To get back to your original claptrap that it is more stable than a quad bike - there has been no tests done anywhere to show that this is so. Therefore you were talking rubbish. The rest is merely a smokescreen of useless information you have hastily Googled. End of. Why would I complain to Sunlive? I like your multiple characters, claptrap and calling you out on it. Keep it up.

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Posted on 31-08-2017 14:52 | By Papamoaner

Yes, you are correct this time. I did look at Loyd’s website because I didn’t know this vehicle, but there is diddly squat on there worth looking at. You need to look at peer reviewed journals for field test results. Anyway, enough of that old chap. You keep accusing me and Morepork of being the same person, on and on, and on. Unfair on him. So why don’t you put your money where your big mouth is and complain to Sunlive! DO IT! (edited) Quad bikes you say? Ah, that takes me back. Only decent one I ever met was an old Honda 300, but that’s another story. Could hardly even straddle one these days. Horses were more my thing anyway.


Posted on 31-08-2017 13:02 | By maildrop

Blah, blah, so you popped on Paxters website and got some info. How clever. There’s even a picture of it going up a 4 inch curb at an angle. Amazing balance. I could bore everyone to death with some irrelevant fun facts on quad bikes but I won’t because it proves Jack. Anyone can regurgitate information. (edited)

@Oldtrucker - to answer your question;-

Posted on 31-08-2017 11:49 | By Papamoaner

I simply read it in a Norwegian engineering journal after some questionable media stories. Upon testing, the Norwegians found that when cornering violently on a flat concrete surface, they tended to slide without tipping over. They recommend a maximum slope traverse of 17 degrees which you will agree is pretty bloody steep. The narrow wheelbase you mention is related to the COG which in this case has been reduced by the very heavy LiFe battery bank (about 300kg from memory) stowed low down. Those parameters are then used to calculate tipping axis. Impressively, these carts weigh almost half a tonne fully loaded. You said I talk "rubbish" I am happy to discuss that with you in detail at length if you care to elaborate. Finally, I am Papamoaner, not Morepork who is a different debater.

agree with maildrop.

Posted on 31-08-2017 08:33 | By old trucker

I saw 3 of them on Ngati rd yesterday, must have been learning, and going fast, one behind the other, they do not look very stable ,AND SHOULD have lights on the back of them,the person who wrote about lower tipping axis is talking rubbish, they have a very narrow wheelbase, (and my thoughts only is) if they turn too fast they will tip over,(hope not) but lets watch this space,(its early days yet.agree whole heartly with mail drop on MOREPORKY, you are dead right,how does this person know so much about this, Anyway, Sunlive has the BEST NEWS, and is No1 ,AND WON BEST NEWS,this is AWESOME being No1 is BEST ,a lot like me,Thankyou.10-4. out. phew.


Posted on 30-08-2017 17:49 | By Papamoaner

I’ll ignore the abuse and stay on topic. These Paxter vehicles have been here for some years now and are commonly used as logistics runabouts in big shopping mall carparks, airports etc. I can tell you that they ride up and down kerbs very well, including at oblique angles. There have been no accident or tipping reports in any journals to date. The Norwegians used tipping axis as their design starting point and utilised the 330kg Li battery bank stowage to reduce COG. Unlike farm quad bikes that are known to have quite high tipping axis. Beyond that summary, it’s not up to me to provide further proof. Do your own homework and prove me wrong if you can - you are most welcome. As challenger, it falls on you to prove me wrong.

What an eejit

Posted on 30-08-2017 16:00 | By maildrop

Yeh, NZ Post have been inundated with calls from farmers asking where to get hold of these because they look less likely to tip over. Hahaha. Too eager to look clever....end up looking dumb.


Posted on 30-08-2017 13:55 | By maildrop

"Lower tipping axis than a quad bike" - says who? How do you know? Seen the designs? Done some tests? Talking complete crap again.

They've done their homework alright

Posted on 29-08-2017 07:47 | By Papamoaner

Good on NZ Post for keeping ahead of the game. They’ve obviously predicted a continuing increase in parcel deliveries (on-line purchasing trends) and a decrease in letter deliveries (email trends). Innovative solution at low cost compared to conventional vans. More stable than a Tuktuk (4 wheels instead of 3). Lower tipping axis than a quad bike, and also less less likely to tip anyway, due to 2wd instead of 4wd. @Namxa; - you reckon embarrassing to ride on? Hell’s bells, I see Men walking around wearing ear rings these days. I recently saw one wearing a ring in his nose!!


Posted on 27-08-2017 10:00 | By Minib

Sure hope they have done there homework on these, could be a costly mistake.

The more serious side to it

Posted on 27-08-2017 07:52 | By Papamoaner

Is that more and more people are communicating and buying online, hence parcels are replacing letters. Sadly, this does not bode well for retailers.


Posted on 25-08-2017 23:29 | By namxa

Postman Patam I the only one? Can’t help thinkin I’d be a little embarrassed to have to drive one of these

Bog machine

Posted on 25-08-2017 15:59 | By SeeSee

So we are now going to have four wheel machines to shunt us Oldies on the footpath. So who moves off, the Oldie or the 4wheeler ?Come winter they will need four wheel drive after all the bog they will create on lawns whilst getting to mail boxes. Progress it is called !

here we go again

Posted on 25-08-2017 14:27 | By old trucker

My gosh, i can see something happening here, it appears they dont look very stable, and agree with Tgaboy, no exercise, they do not have much vision out the back and relie on silly little side mirrors, gosh i hope nothing happens,but whizzing along 9th ave this morning and then along Chapel street, (my thoughts only on this) its a accident waiting to happen, NOT SUITABLE,and should have FLASHING LIGHT as they are hard to see being Small, imagine on busy roads with trucks etc, Anyway Sunlive ,Thankyou,10-4 out. phew.


Posted on 25-08-2017 13:32 | By

Though they are designed for the footpath, they need to ride the grass berms to put mail in the letterbox. Scooters being used by other mail deliveries certainly churn up the grass berms!

A Tuk-Tuk?

Posted on 25-08-2017 12:26 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Must have got them cheap from Thailand and thrown a tin of red paint from Coke-a-cola at it.


Posted on 25-08-2017 12:25 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Posties are disappearing faster than Tauranga ratepayers hard eared income, unbelievable that isnt it! The post volumes are dropping fast for ages ... jsut anotehr step to the inevitable result.


Posted on 25-08-2017 10:27 | By maildrop

I think it needs a siren on top. Hope it has a bell too. Bound to topple over. Quad bike deaths are pretty high. Maybe we will see a Popemobile fatality? Hope not.

Poor posties

Posted on 25-08-2017 06:37 | By Tgaboy

As far as I could see, The only redeeming feature of the job was their ability to enjoy some exercise whilst completing the task. Now they have to move around like geriatrics in a mobility cart. Oh dear. How demeaning.

One question

Posted on 25-08-2017 06:29 | By Angel74

how do they get to the area where the mail is to be delivered..........bikesare strapped to the back of a posties cars cant see these electric carts fitting behind an every day vehicle lol.

Ok, so........

Posted on 24-08-2017 23:18 | By groutby

....they take the place of bike posties AND courier deliveries in urban we know how staff feel about this..?...

FIRST? Really?

Posted on 24-08-2017 21:30 | By DJBP

They look great, but these have been operating in Rotorua for some months already and I’m sure I’ve seen these in Wellington some years ago. Being capable of holding so much, how many cycle posties lose their jobs to these?


Posted on 24-08-2017 21:29 | By penguin

...stand out a bit on a golf course...


Posted on 24-08-2017 19:21 | By Pcsparks

Well I’m not sure why this editorial suggests Tauranga is the first City to have the NZ Post Vehicle Rotorua has had them for months Tauranga needs to realize it is not the Capital of New Zealand and the rest of the country does exist The next saying will be over the Kaimais instead of over the Bombays is another word

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