Turning complainers into customers

Todd Muller Mark Hooper and Garry Webber on site checking the plans. Photo: Andrew Campbell

Classic Developments’ project sales manager Mark Hooper was rushed off his feet by Omokoroa residents when he opened the Kaimai View sales office on Omokoroa Road.

They weren’t there to buy at first. They were concerned about the Special Housing Area that is part of the development. They were worried he was building a shanty town.

“That’s what they were all worried about,” says Mark.

He relates how he persuaded one concerned local to send him inquiries. The man’s house was on the market for $1.2m. Mark told to send him anyone looking for a $550,000-$600,000 plus house and he would send him any Kaimai Views inquiries for homes in the $1m plus bracket.

But as a result of the talks with the locals many of the sites in the development have been snapped up by Omokoroa people, including the affordable or ‘foundation’ houses that make up 50 per cent of the development.

“They are coming in with quite substantial deposits with the Kiwisaver First Home grants. It makes such a change to people’s lives.”

The locals are buying because they can stay close to home and extended family, says Mark.

The older buyers wanted to move away from the bigger section and the younger buyers want to be able to buy into their first home.

The under $550,000 houses look the same as the over $500,000 houses. The same claddings, double glazing and internal fixtures and fittings, says Mark. The difference is in the size, and a few things like a different grade of the same brand flooring, plumbing a dishwasher but not fitting it.

“That saves $1000,”

The first 18 lots have sold and the second stage of the development is opening next week. Mark’s got 25 sections and a list of about 60 inquiries to work through.

District mayor Gary Webber and Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller joined Mark on site today marking the foundation’s build-ready status for the three bedroom show home.

The development is a collaboration between the developer, the district council and the government. Todd says the Special Housing Areas are a result of the community concern about the need for more housing.

At Kaimai Views there are enough ‘foundation’ sites blended in with the higher priced houses to qualify the development as a Special Housing Area, which enabled the district council to fast track the development through the consenting process.

It’s a process Todd says is working well and provides a solution for the housing shortage. In Christchurch balancing the supply and demand is resulting in stable rents and prices, Says Todd.

Garry Webber says Omokoroa is popular because of its amenity, close to the developing walkways and harbour, and with commuting distance of Tauranga and Katikati.

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Posted on 22-08-2017 15:48 | By Smilarkie

......... thats what they have, and they are pulling it over the eyes of everyone involved.Some of these developers should be ashamed for the disgusting areas they are creating, and the council should not be allowing it to happen. $500K plus for a tiny house on a tiny section. The only ones who get anything out of it are the developers. Many good reputable companies are out there, and are creating apartments, with nice green spaces, and parking. If you take a look at what a few of these other scum bags are doing it doesn’t take long to realise what issues these small houses on small sections create. About time the greadiness stopped.


Posted on 21-08-2017 19:00 | By Merlin

Just join the queue to try and get onto the main highway at peak times with the amount of houses going up in Omokoroa with all the southbound traffic. Omokoroa needs another outlet.

Classic, well done, great outcomes.

Posted on 21-08-2017 19:00 | By Murray.Guy

I confess I’m very much apprehensive in regards the focus on residential intensification being forced on us by bureaucrats and ’planet savers’, BUT personal on-site analysis had me somewhat supportive and impressed. The Omokoroa development has as a plus the variable ground contours that add enormous value to light, sun, air movement and a sense of greater space with views (versus the flat sites of Papamoa). More affordable homes, however, are ONLY achieved by being smaller in size as the savings with smaller section sizes would be barely measurable. Fees and Charges coupled with excessive health & safety requirements add over 10% to the build cost of the smaller home, that is where the savings could be had.

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