150 years of gold fever

A typical gold mine in the early 20th century. File photo.

A bonanza of events recapturing the momentous lure of gold in the Coromandel hills is planned to run throughout the year, starting August 1.

The 150th anniversary of gold being discovered in Thames begins with a dawn blessing, followed by a parade through the town along Pollen Street, between Cochrane Street and Willoughby Street.

The public are invited to dress up in period costume and join the parade, meeting outside Number One Shoes or at the Thames Museum from 12pm.

The official opening will take place at 1pm at the Thames Civic Centre, which will include a karakia, words from the Thames-Coromandel mayor, performance of the winning song from the songwriters’ competition, and a performance by school children.

August 1 is also the opening day of two photography exhibitions – one at Bella Street Pumphouse showing photos taken by John Fields, and ‘Growing with Gold’ at the Treasury, showing images of Thames from the earliest gold mining days.

Entry to ’Growing with Gold’ is by gold coin donation at the meeting room of the Treasury on Queen Street, Thames. This exhibition will continue to be open for public viewing on the days the Treasury is open - Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11am until 3pm, for several months.

A full list of upcoming celebratory events can be found here.



Posted on 31-07-2017 09:06 | By dumbkof2

old trucker. i totally agree with you. i too bagged a few ton of coal. 10 ton in a morning ready for sale. you forgot resource consent, enviromental impact consent, ,consulting with the local i want it crowd, and dont forget a royal commission of inquiry


Posted on 30-07-2017 11:13 | By old trucker

Young guys of today do not realize how lucky they are,gosh this was all done by shovel and pick horse and dray etc, NO OBESITY here and lucky to be on 2 shillings a day then, these old guys would have done Tepuna roundabout by now, look at those big poles would have been all manhandled with a big A frame, a lot of us older guys now with aching limbs shoulders and things look at the guys of today with all this worksafe BS, my gosh i would not mind a penny for every ton of coal ive shoveled and metal.21 yards of metal (3 loads) off the back of a truck on me own on to the cow race in one day i look back now and they would still be having a meeting as to safety with cones etc, Sunlive Thankyou,10-4 out, GREAT STORY AWESOME,

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